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6/22/06 Update:
Krystina's pics from SOB are up. Thanks for letting me use them.

6/9/06 Update:
Photos from Sun On The Beach are up.

6/7/06 update:
Photos from 5/20/06 FMF show are up.
Reminder: Vanilla Ice show w/ Gotti 13 TONIGHT!

4/22/06 Show update & Photos from 4/20/06 AKA are up.
Show Info:

Saturday May 20th 2006

Florida Music Festival 2K6
Down Town Orlando -- Church Street Stage

Tickets $10 dollars
Gotti 13 goes on @ MIDNIGHT(subject to change)
For more info: Florida Music Festival Schedule

Wednesday June 7th 2006

Kissimmee, FL
With Vanilla Ice

Tickets 15 dollars
Doors Open @ 9 pm
For more info:

Thursday April 20th 2006
AKA Lounge -- Down Town Orlando

Doors open @ 9:00pm
Show Starts 9:30pm
Gotti 13 goes on @ MIDNIGHT!
Tickets $5.00
For more info: AKA Lounge

3/7/06 Update:
MySpace links were added:)

August 21 st 2005 Update:
My Pictures from The HRL 8/13/05 show are up.
Check them out.

August 9th 2005 Update:
My pictures from The Social show 8/1/05 are up.
Check them out.

August 4th 2005 Update:

Saturday August 13th 2005
Hard Rock Live -- Orlando

Doors: 8:00 pm -- Show: 8:30 pm
Tickets: $8.00 -- All Ages
407-351-LIVE or Ticketmaster 407-839-3900
Tickets on sale now at the Hard Rock Live Box Office,
all Ticketmaster outlets, and online at
For More info: Hard Rock Live or
7/31/05 Show update:

Wednesday August 17th 2005
The Social -- Orlando

Headling @ The Social
Tickets $7 -- 18 and up.
Show Starts: ?? -- Doors Open 8 PM
For more info:
The Social

7/29/05: Update!
Added 7/16/05 Social photos! Hope everyone can come out and Support Gotti 13
in their battle of the bands for the warped tour spot on August 7th 2005.
Final b.o.t.b. is Aug. 1st 2005 @ The Social!

7/19/05: Update!
edited Mike's Page :)

7/17/05: Concert Update!

Monday August 1st 2005
The Social -- Orlando

Tickets $8 -- all ages
Show Starts: ?? -- Doors Open 7 PM
For more info:
The Social

7/1/05: All the guys pages are updated!

7/1/05: Concert Update!

Friday July 16th 2005
The Social -- Orlando

Tickets $8 -- 18 & up
Show Starts: ?? -- Doors Open 9 PM
For more info:
The Social or

6/30/05: The "Chris" page has been updated!

Show update: Friday July 1st 2005
Dukes (Formally "The Station") -- Orlando
Tickets $8.00
Show starts @ 9PM - The Guys go on @ 10 PM.
For more info: Dukes, , ,

5/5/05 Show update: Friday May 20th 2005
Kate O'Brien's -- Orlando
Gotti 13 is featured on the Florida Music Festival,"compilation CD.

Tickets $ ?
10 pm. (also heard 10:30 pm and 11 pm)
For more info: Florida Music Festival, , , Schedule , , (or) Kate O' Briens

3/27/05: Show Update! COR & Social pictures are up.
Show update info is below.
Saturday April 9th 2005
Wills Pub -- Orlando/Winter Park
Tickets $5/7 18 & up - 9pm
For more info: The Wills Pub

Milka, Social Ghost, & Gotti 13

Wills Pub
1850 N. Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803 - 1854

Directions:- Take I-4 to the Princeston Street Exit
- Right on Princeton to 17-95 (Mills Ave)
- Right on 17-92
- Venue is 1/2 block down on the right

3/17/05: Added Champions Of Rock photo's, Changed main page layout, updated Priapism page (aka MR),Who's that page, Henry's Page (aka HB) and there is more to come.
3/9/05: Updated the links section. Added one new one and took down the broken ones. New photos and new site layout to come soon.
2/26/05: Gotti 13 WON the battle of the bands @ the Champions Of Rock show yesterday at the HOB!!! They battle again for the big prize in December. More info. @ Champions Of
2/18/05: Gotti 13 has another show scheduled!
March 4th 2005 @ The Social in Orlando, Florida.
Tickets $6.00 dollars - 10:30 PM (all info from doors open @ 9 PM.
1/21/05: Gotti 13 has a show scheduled for Febuary 25 2005! More info @ Buy tickets @
06-25-04: Added article from Axis Magazine. Check it out here: [Axis Magazine Article]

08-24-03: Added pics from 8-16-03. Check them out here: [8/16/03 Child Watch (HRL)]

07-28-03: Moved some of the Older photos to the Yahoo group. Gotti 13 Rocks
,Updated the Mike Reymont page &
updated the site buddies page.
07-22-03: Took down broken links and added some new links to the links page.

07-21-03: Added the Yahoo Group join box.

07-20-03: Added a concert date!.

06-29-03: The "Who's That" Section is up to date.

05-12-03: Added rest of pictures from 4/05/03 (BackBooth)

04-26-03: Added 10 pictures from 4/05/03 (BackBooth)

04-06-03: Added Kelly's 11/05/02 BackBooth photos & Added album listing. 4/5/03 BackBooth photos coming soon!

11-28-02: Added 11/14/02 HRL photos.

11-17-02: Added a song title.

11-15-02: Added Back Booth Photos from 11/5/02. 11/14/02 HRL pictures coming soon.

11-06-02: Added two more song titles, a concert date.
9-22-02: Added pictures from 9/19/02 HRL show!

6-21-02: Added 5 mp3's to the songs page.
Chris, thank you for letting me use them.

6-20-02: Kelly's pics from 6/6/02 are up now.

6-16-02: All 53 pics from 6/6/02 are up now. Check em out! Kelly's 6/6/02 pics coming soon!

6-11-02: Some of the 6/6/02 HRL pix are up. More to come soon.

5-31-02: Concert update! June 6th @ Hard Rock Live Orlando...for ticket and other info Check out

4-28-02: Happy Birthday to Chris! will be up in three days! Can't wait!

3-2-02: Changed the background on the index.html page.

2-22-02: Added Kelly's 2/8/02 HRL photos.

02-14-02: Fixed a link and added a picture to 2-8-02 HRL photos.

02-11-02: Added 02-08-02 HRL pictures, updated FAQ and Who's That sections.

01-29-02: Added Kelly's Barbarella (1/19/02) pictures.

01-27-02: Barbarella (1/19/02) pictures are up & added a concert date.

01-26-02: Added 9 Gotti Links. (yes 9!).

01-13-02: Added a concert date.

01-07-02: Added new photo to the index page & updated the FAQ section.

01-02-02: Edited the songs page.

12-19-01: Added 12/08/01 Barbarella pix & updated the FAQ section.

12-18-01: Updated the index page.

12-12-01: Added 11/29/01 Hard Rock Live Photos, fixed 2/28/01 photos (easier to view), updated FAQ section and added a song. 12/08/01 Barbarella Photos coming soon.
12-5-01: Added 7 more pix to the Barbarella page. 11-29-01 ones coming soon.

11-30-01: Added a concert date and updated the FAQ section.

11-14-01: Added a concert date. And the other day I changed one of the logos and the "rumor free site" pic.

10-23-01: Added Mike's section. =)

10-21-01: Updated Henry's Section!

10-18-01: Updated FAQ section. (Mike's Birth date)

10-16-01: Added 10/03/01 Barbarella pics.

10-12-01: Added all my pics to "who's that" section. They are all finally up.

10-8-01: Added two new songs and that's it. LOL

10-6-01: Added a 9-11-01 ribbon, updated the faq section, added a gotti 13 flag, Added a new link in the "other sites I am involved with" section.
9-27-01: Added A concert date and the "what's going on" link.

9-20-01: Added 8-17-01 pix and the "other sites I am involved with" section.

9-5-01: Added NEW Questions answered by Tommy and Bill,updated faq page & fixed 2/28/01 pix pages.
9-4-01: Added NEW Questions answered by Chris, updated the index page and added another popstar magazine picture (Aug 2001 issue)
8-30-01: Fixed the TRL link, changed the pic on the links page & made the transcript page easier to navigate.
8-27-01: Added a song (song page), Bills Birthdate (faq page),three links (links page), a interview (Transcripts page)& moved the Girly Thing Interview to the Transcripts page.
6-29-01: Added More pics from 6-16-01! Check em' out! Info on the new guys coming soon.

6-25-01: Added pics from 6-16-01! These turned out very good!

6-21-01: Added Another popstar page because Gotti was in another issue! July 01 with JC/Natural cover! Check it out. In stores now! Also Check out the "songs" secton! I added a new song on there!

5-29-01: Well, Awesome news!! GOTTI 13 has a show!! June 16th 2001. House of Blues In Orlando! 8 pm, 15 dollars to get in. All of those who can com out, please do!!

4-25-01: Ok the Fashion Forward aired on April 22 2001, well if you were an idiot like myself who set the vcr and forgot to put a tape in, it re-airs on Friday April 27th 2001.

4-16-01: New chat transcript is up. It's an old one from 10-10-99. It took me over three hours to write it all out. Hope you guys enjoy reading it.

03-27-01: well, the pix from 2-28-01 are up, they have been up for a while, just forgot to update the info here. Don't forget to watch Fashion forward on April 22nd 2001!!!

02-15-01: Hey! Great news! Gotti 13 will be doing a chat on Febuary 20th 2001 @Planet! 7:30 PM!! Check it out!

02-13-01: Hey all...working a few new pages. The thanks part of this page is being moved to it's own locaton. Let you know when it is up. not forget about the show @ the groove in Orlando on Febuary 28th!! 7:30 PM...BE THERE!!