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Gotti 13 Songs
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You can hear some of these songs on myspace:

Gotti 13 Songs

All songs by Chris Gotti (unless otherwise stated)
© Copyright 1999-2006
The following songs could be on the album. (In no particular order)

Don't Got
"For The Longest Time" -By Billy Joel*
First Of June
Coming Back To Me
I (Blanked) Your Girlfriend
Tell Me Why
So What
Mason Street
Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys
Within 3 Days (The NA NA Song)
Better Off In L.A.
If I Could Go Back And Change 99
Sara's Song

Other Gotti 13 Songs
"Miles Away" -By Goldfinger *

Gotti 13 Songs In The Past
This does not mean they won't be played again in the future,
but I'm sure some will never be played again.

Wiggla Wiggla Wiggla
"Heaven" -By Warrant*
"Feel Like Making Love" -By Bad Company*
A Look Back On Our Lives (September 11th Song)
Flying Around
With You
Into Deep
Don't Turn This Around On Me
Wasting Time
Turn Away
How Does It Feel
Inside Of Me
She Did It For Me
"All Star" -By Smash Mouth*
"My Own Worst Enemy" -By Lit*
"Semi-Charmed Life" -By Third Eye Blind*
"American Pie" -By Don Mclean*

*Awesome cover version By Gotti 13!