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Ice Castle

Glacier Dungeons

The Four Symbols of the Bear Clan

This is the symbol of the Ice Castle.

I, to make it more personal to my family and myself, changed it.
The center represents the hearts in this family.
The chains represent the hold on the three rings of D/s.
The colors are representing the Ice Castle, where the Dominants reside to protect the inner Dungeons of the Castle.

Light blue= the ice and sky
Dark blue= the castle and the Guard

This symbol was changed to show the colors of the Glacier Dungeons, a part of my family where the Submissives are deep inside and protected by myself and those I have chosen to be a part of the Outer Guard.

Black= the dungeons walls
Red = the blood it is protected by

This symbol was changed to show the Bear clan.

Brown = Bear and the greatness that it stands for and strength to protect my family
Gold = the claws and fangs, as a show of the Bear's weapons that are used to protect their family.

This symbol was made to signify the entire Ice Castle Glacier Dungeons Bear Clan.

To show the unity, dignity, respect, love, honor, and courage that we all share and hold dear for the gift first, and then for one another.
We are a growing family and in the growing we are doing all we can to school those who were taught the wrong way about our lifestyle.
D/s is to be a safe, sane, and consensual life; free of predators.
In my castle, it is what I make it.

I am proud to stand in this family, with honor, and the knowledge that not one of my family will defy the laws, and will always above all else, maintain the true worth of the gift, as it is priceless, and not allow it or my heart's abuse.

Respect and honor always,

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