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to the

Ice Castle

Glacier Dungeons

Welcome one and all

I would like to introduce myself and the Glacier Dungeons and explain what it is we are about . . .

First, I am IronBearDm, leader and head of the Bear Clan and the Ice Castle Glacier Dungeons family.

I started this family in July of 1999, for a few simple reasons;

  • To prevent the wide spread abuse in the lifestyle from going further.

  • To share my experience with those who seek the knowledge of the right and wrong as well as the good and the bad.

  • Most of all to teach the new ones about what are called predators, fakes, and wannabes.

  • To answer the questions and lead the ones who want to learn in the right direction.

We are a family bound by

My family has been brought together through a common need to be loved and cherished and to have the security of a family around them; a place for wounds to heal; people to turn to in good times and bad.

This is a community for the SSC. The knowledge of what I was taught as a child; my family taught me the old ways of D/s.

My Father and Uncles brought to me and handed down the laws and rules to obey. They are strict, and the strictness is the key. Some come here to heal, the laws protect them. Some come here to learn, the laws teach them patience and pride of self-respect. Some come here to be a part of something good.

What my family and I stand for:

We are all against the abuses found in this lifestyle and will stand against it.

In my family there are Dominants, Submissives, Slaves, and Switches. We are not a social club; we hold meetings and have a weekly newsletter. We are all a part of each other. It is a close-knit clan. All know the ups and downs the others are having and we are there to support each other.

This is not a game to me or to the members of my family. This Home, Clan and Family is for those who seek the reality of D/s and want to learn the difference between those who abuse and those who are real. It is sad that we must all rally against abuse but it is a bad that comes along with the good.

Those who seek the leadership of a family and a love of the brother and sisterhood in my walls are welcome.

There are rules and laws.

Strict abidance is your price to pay.

Trust, Honor, Integrity, Respect and Dignity is your reward; along with a loving caring family that will be here always.

I teach Old Guard Style D/s.
It is the chivalry pertaining to the gift.
It is showing the pricelessness of it.
It is the respect and honor it is to be held in.
It is the most precious gift in this world.

I have zero tolerance for its abuse.
Those who do not care and are in the lifestyle to get what they can, will one day face me and my family.
They will be shown the error of their ways.

It is teaching the true value of the gift.
Not just to the Dominants, but to the Submissives and Slaves as well.
Most come here beaten, battered and abused. I am here to heal those wounds then watch them fly again.

It is my dream to see the lifestyle rid of the predators, abusers and wannabes. If I help just one person, it means I have helped all.
This is my goal.

So please, come to us, let us grow as a family. Let us spread the words of zero tolerance in a strength the abusers won't be able to push aside.

We all fight for the right.
Together we stand invincible and divided we fall prey to their abuse.
Single voices are not heard.

I am IronBearDm
I stand in honor.
It is a pleasure to have this chance to speak.

Thank you.
With love, honor, and respect to all
from my family and myself,
we wish you peace and serenity.

Please direct all queries to IronBearDm by clicking above.

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