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to the

Ice Castle

Glacier Dungeons

I, IronBearDm, have started an online family.

I will teach what I was handed down, from my Ancestors, as to what Old Guard is; not the leather gay kink, but the Ancient Guardians of the Sacred Gift; Old Guard, and the ways of its customs, as it is to this day, practiced in Europe and other countries.

However, it will be done as it was given to me, handed down from generation to generation, inside the family ...

My family

... and it is known as ...

The Bear Clan of the Ice Castle, Glacier Dungeons.

It is a place where Dominants, Submissives, Slaves, Switches, and people who are interested in the lifestyle can grow and learn.

It is a place where those who live it and feel it in their souls may come for the love of a family and the bond in this lifestyle.

It is in their hearts, minds, and souls. This is not for wannabes, who do not want to learn or take the time to learn. It is not for those who do not wish to learn or those who feel it is below them to learn.

I am a Master and a Dominant man and have been so since I was 17 years old. I am now 46 years old. Under the guidance of my Father and Uncles who were Dungeon Masters all their lives as were the generations before them. My schooling started when I was 9 years old. With all my years of experience, and all the years of practical knowledge and applications, to this day I still learn.

Crystal Wolf GD has the job of; perhaps we should call it, “cleaning.” She will interview those who wish to become a part of this family, and it would be on MY judgment whether you can enter or not. You will go through the process with her and then come to me for the final interview and then a family name.

Any offense taken to this is an offense taken by someone who does not care about the reality of abuse of our lifestyle. Those of you, who think the interviewing process is good, realize that we are not a game.

This is not a joke.
This is not a place to go because your friends are here.

This is a place to go because people who are interested in this lifestyle, or people who want to know more about it, want to learn about themselves and seek the knowledge that we have to share. It is a place where you will appreciate the fact that I have taken the time and energy, the love and the care, to make sure that we all, have a safe bond online and in this lifestyle. And those who know nothing or little about it or will not take the time to find out will not disrespect it.

My screen names for AOL are IronBearDm, Claws of Iron, and Glacier Dungeons.
All of who are me.

I am the head of this Clan.
I am the Teacher.

All of the powers that I have bestowed upon certain members of this family will be honored, respected, and followed, as if the request had come from me.

Crystal Wolf GD is the Castle Baroness and the Gatekeeper.
In her, I have entrusted the powers of discussion and punishment. If the need arises, she will come to me with your case for review and we will then discuss a course of action.

The steps of this process of elimination, are to ensure that we, as a family, do not disrespect each other's honor. And as a family, that we protect, love, and respect those of us that are in this Clan.

This family will be like no other family. It will have rules, it will have laws and they will be obeyed.

I will tell you a little something about me that you may already know, but that I want understood.

There will be NO disrespect.
There will be NO dishonor.
There will be NO backstabbing.
There will be NO name-calling.

There will be NO actions other than those befitting a member of my family; a member filled with honor, integrity and dignity.

This is not a game for me, as it should not be for you. I started this Clan because I have seen all of the abuse, the neglect, the disrespect, and the dishonor of these so called "Dominants" and "Submissives" that come into this lifestyle and treat it as if it were of less importance than what it is . . .


When a group lead by someone who does not know what Domination really is, but has just instilled it in his or her own mind that this is what it is, and then surrounds him or herself with wannabe's, newbies, or otherwise unknowledgeable people ... these are the reasons that the abuse, disrespect, and dishonor have become widespread.

Those that are in this type of Clan are not shown the true ways, the true rules, or the true laws of any style of Dominance and Submission, and thus are baffled when they come across a real Master, a real Dominant, or a real Mistress.

Hence, it becomes their way to bottle up their submission, to put it away, to let it die, and the world loses yet another beautiful gift.

There are rules, regulations, and laws in this Clan; fighting, backstabbing, disrespect, or dishonor will lead to a tribunal release.

All those who wish to enter the protection of the Glacier Dungeons will obey the rules or they will be released.

There will be no exceptions.

Problems will arise, and they will be handled in an adult fashion. What I mean to say is this; problems between family members will be discussed in my presence. It is my word that will prevail. In the event that you do not agree, your release will be granted.

This is not a democracy. This is a true Old Guard Dominant lead family. If you know IronBearDm and/or Crystal Wolf GD, then you know that we are fair people; we understand, we are both loving and caring. I do whatever I can for anybody who needs help, as does Crystal Wolf GD.

The most important part of my life is honor and respect. It is what I give to everyone. It is what I would want everyone to give to me. With all my years in this lifestyle, I have earned respect. I show honor and respect to everyone, as I want the members of my family to do.

The idea and the class that I want people to perceive of this family is one of seriousness, reality and the true meaning of Dominance and Submission. If you wish to play games, if you wish to tease, be bratty, feisty, or spicy, then there are other screen names for you to do this under.

You will not be allowed to use your family screen name and abuse its privileges and its honor.

You do not show disrespect to the people you think you are fighting with online. You are not disrespecting them at all; you are only showing disrespect to yourself, to your family, and most of all, to me.


Your obedience to my laws are necessary to show your feelings of the gift to all others. How you act in public reflects on your family. Disrespecting your family shows disrespect for yourself. Disrespect for yourself, shows disrespect for me. If you disrespect me, you will be released.

No one will discuss this family's matters in public. All our family dealings will be done in our family room. There is a weekly newsletter that is sent to just family members. News about collarings, or other family business is not to be made public. There will be no copying, cutting and pasting. This is our family's business and our family alone. There will be none, and I mean NONE, of our family business going to outsiders.

What I offer you is a Mentorship. I will teach the Old Guard ways of Dominance and Submission to those of you who want to learn. I will answer any questions. I will show you the real values, the real ways of the Old Guard style of Dominance and Submission, the way it was meant to be.

It is not this Play stuff that I have had to witness in the online chat rooms. The disrespect, dishonor, disloyalty, back stabbing, fighting; all that childish bickering behavior has to stop.

I will not stand for abuse in this, my family. You disrespect your family; your family will disown you. Once a dishonor is made, the family will be instructed to place your name on the Death List, and you will no longer exist, as it was in centuries past, when the Ancient ones practiced the Art of Honor to the Sacred Gift. When dishonor was brought to the family from inside the family, the family member was banished in shame.


God Forgives,
Iron Bear

If you are serious about wanting to become part of a family; a family which will love, care, and protect you; a family that wants the best for you, and will show you the true meaning of what you seek, then you have come to the right place.

There will be a list of punishments for slight infractions as well as for major ones. You can accept them or you will be released. Like I said, this is not a game. This would include offline family name time, essays, and apologies to the family or the person who was dishonored.

What I give to you is knowledge, what you give to me is respect. Your respect is shown to me by obeying my rules.

Those who use this lifestyle as a game need not approach us. I do not want to waste my time on those who want to be with us just because their friends are with us; you will not be accepted into this family for that reason.

As we all know, there is nothing stronger in this world than when a Master and a Submissive have been collared and are meant to be together. Until that time, there is nothing weaker than a Master and a Submissive who have been collared together, who are not truly meant to be together.

If there are any problems in this family, Crystal Wolf GD or I will be contacted. And there will be a private room made and a discussion held between the people who are having the problem, Crystal Wolf GD, and myself. None of this will become public. It will stay within the family walls. I will adjudicate and my ruling will be the end of it. Accept it or do not try to enter.

As in any family, we stick together in private and in public. This does not however, mean a band of our family will attack someone because they have upset one of our family. This type of behavior will not be tolerated, as it appears to make the family look like troublemakers to one who does not know the entire story.

There will be no breeches of honor or respect by any member. If there is a problem with someone, there are many ways to handle it respectfully.

To Dominants, your new Submissives will not be automatically accepted into this family.
Submissives, your new Dominant will not be automatically accepted into this family either.

Please understand this one now.

We do not want to hear about it later. They will be expected to go through the same interviewing process that you were required to go through. No exceptions! I cannot stress this enough. There will be no exceptions.

I will then take the interviewing process and bring it to the next step. I don't want anyone to take offense to this. It is just because we are so deeply involved with the lifestyle that sometimes Crystal Wolf GD and I have a gift of weeding out who is real and who is not.

Why it is a game? How it is a game? Who wants to play the game? Who wants to be here because everyone else is or because nobody else wants him or her? Who wants to come in because their own Clan doesn’t want him or her.
I will decide all this.

Any and all problems that we have in this family will be stated to Crystal Wolf GD and myself. We will handle them. There will not be a "joining of the masses." This is, like I said, My Castle. This is My Dungeon.

If you chose to enter, you chose to obey the rules, laws, and ways.
I am IronBearsDream's Master.
I am leader, mentor and teacher.
I am a protector with a shoulder to cry on.
That is all.

This family is not going to be held up to public ridicule because of someone else's inane, ignorant, immature, or stupid actions. You will remain honorable and respectful at all times.

If you have a problem with somebody, you leave the room. The logs will be sent to TOS. If someone is attacking you or something of that nature, send the logs to TOS. Minimize the IM until they leave, and they all will leave. Once you remove the fuel to a fire, it dies.

If what you have read is acceptable to you, respond to the link at the bottom of this page and we will start the interview process, which will be completed as quickly as possible, so we can welcome you into our family.

Above all else, this family will respect itself, inside and outside our room. How you act outside the family, is a reflection of what the family is like inside.

Honor and respect. Those of us who respect the lifestyle and want to teach or mentor, and show the new entries of this world the right way; this is what I'm about.

I hope that with what I teach and what you learn from me, will show you that the gift is priceless and should be held in the highest honor. From any and everyone.

There is a slow process of the collars that are explained on this website The Four Collars of the Bear Clan. Dominants, Dommes and Submissives alike will obey these rules. In this, we can remove some of the abuse by those who have collars made of Velcro.

In the end, seriousness for our relationships, seriousness for our family, love, honor, and respect for ourselves, is what will hold this Clan together.

I hope you all make it and when you do,

Welcome to the family.

To begin the journey of joining my family, send an email to Crystal Wolf GD by clicking on the following link

Please direct all queries to IronBearDm by clicking above.

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