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My name is Cap'y,

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I am a Congo African Grey. I was hatched April 25, 2001. My home will be in South Florida where it is warm all year. I own two humans named Jim, I call him Daddy and Judi, I call her Mommy. Also a dog named Coco, I call her Dog. (Remember that I can't talk yet and the names are just in my mind). I always wanted humans that loved to sail and I was fortunate to find them. Daddy had looked and looked at different breeders trying to get owned by a CAG (Congo African Grey). For one reason or another he just could not find the right one (he's picky). He found a breeder place called A & M Aviaries on the Internet and just had to visit. Angie (my breeder Mom) pulled me and my two siblings from the nest when we were about three weeks old. Angie said that she could take care of us better than our birdie parents because they get to tired feeding three hungry mouths. Anyway, Daddy came to visit on May 30, 2001 to see if he might be able to be owned by a CAG. Well, when I saw Daddy I just knew that I just had to own him! Now how do I tell him "Hey, I want you"? I'm only 5 weeks old and don't even know what talking is. When Daddy put his hand in the tub I thought this is my chance. I reached up and took his finger in my beak and nibbled. He liked that. Then he reached for my siblings and they backed off because I told them that this was my human. He came back to me and I nibbled again and did not want to let go. I even made a cooing sound. From that point on I owned some humans. Daddy gave Angie a paper thing with writing on it and she said would put it in the bank and that I could come live with Daddy and Mommy when I am weaned.
On June 2, 2001 Daddy brought Mommy to see me. I grabbed his finger again and begged him to take me home. Mommy fell in love with me and said it was love at first sight. She took some pictures to show every one. Daddy wanted to hold me and I really wanted him to pick me up. I fit right in the palm of his hand and felt so safe. This is the last time that I will be this tiny! Daddy and Mommy promised that they would see me every weekend until I could live with them. I think I'm going to live in a great place and have so much stuff. I am even thinking of what I will do with all that stuff. Daddy bought a brand new King's cage with a dome top. He even found a man by the name of Bruce that makes perches from grape vines. His perches are so beautiful and are like a piece of furniture. His business name is JustDriftin and you should drop in on him if you have the time. Each week I hope to have new pictures and my adventures posted.

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