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Prophecy: Revelation Puzzle-Part 2 (Mohammedan Rise-Turkish Woe)
September 10, 2017 Ellul (Mo 6) 19, 5777

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This marks the tenth day of publication of my Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool.

Much of the work is done on it for Chapter 6 through Chapter 17. I will be updating it as we go forward as there are still many things to include, but I think the work in process will be very valuable for you. Here, you can SEE the dates of when these events took place, as well as reference sources in the Historicist writings. I am not Preterist. I would call myself Historicist, but I hold the view that several vials are still pouring...something the Historicist writers could not have foreseen 110 to 160 years ago. The most recently completed work is contained in Revelation 9 and 12. I have also expanded to add the prophetic books of Daniel.

I made the plea in part 1 of this series for each of you to adopt the chronologically consecutive assumption for the time flow found in the fulfillments of seals, trumpets and vials. With that plea, I made a couple of arguments that, for me, were weak: not sufficiently persuasive to convince me to adopt that view. Certainly, I began this course of study almost seventeen years ago and was immediately convinced that the arguments concerning the identity of the Roman Catholic Church and the Papacy were clearly prefigured in Revelation 17. Indeed, your first and perhaps foremost clue of the true identity of the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church he heads is that it is that an institution that has martyred an estimated 50 million believers in Jesus Christ, calling them heretics. That same Papacy is now called by the name of "Holy Father" by the world and their media. The world did not so reverently receive Jesus of Nazareth, yet the "Papa" is revered. The world loves the Pope but hates Jesus, as it hates and reviles me, His servant.

I was convinced years ago that the first five vials of wrath probably began to pour in the events preceding, concurrent with and immediately following the French Revolution. I was not persuaded regarding the rest of the historicist view until now. Only one reader challenged me on that point of chronological flow, saying, in essence, that he had long believed that the Papacy in every generation is anti-Christ, but he was still not persuaded to view the time flow as being chronologically consecutive. He still favored a view that I would describe as the triplicate nesting theory, which, in short, supposes that each trumpet and vial is just a further worsening of that which is released in the seven seals. So, I am going to skip over, for now, all of the extremely convincing arguments I have read regarding this single, divinely identified signification. After all, I have written about these things before at The 1,260 Day Prophecy, Last Things and at Single Antichrist?. So, let us continue on to review the discoveries I made that convinced me only recently that the chronological time flow assumption is the correct way to view the Book of Revelation and, in particular, the historical events that are described symbolically in the seals, trumpets and vials.

Consider a chronological flow timeline from John's time to today:
Now, place the fall of the Papacy, beginning at -------------------------1793AD
That event represents---------------------------------------------------Vial 1-Vial 5

What would be the next puzzle piece among all of the apocalyptic symbols that is the most easily identifiable? The answer is, I believe, the Fifth Trumpet, as it was fulfilled between 612AD and 762AD by the Islamic armies under Mohamed and successors. The time period of 150 years corresponds, a day for a year, to the prefiguration of the "five months" as it is given in Revelation 9:10. For brevity sake here, I will direct you to the link below. Proceed to Revelation chapter 9:1-11 and read my arguments in favor of this position. You will either journey there to study just a little bit, or you will never know the truth. You will never read this article if I make it too long. So, there you see the conundrum I face. The proof is there in Revelation Chapter 9 on the Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool. Additionally, please consider these points:
  • Naturalists regard Arabia as the original country of the horse.
  • Jews considered the native locality of the scorpion to be the Arabian desert.
  • Historically, the Arabs were rebuffed in battle whenever they attempted to annihilate the political state of Christendom.

    The next most identifiable puzzle piece is........drumroll please..........the Sixth Trumpet, fulfilled between 1300 AD and 1699 AD by the Turks, hence the Historicists call this the “Turkish Woe”, Guinness reckons from the rise of Othman (1300) to Peace of Carlowitz (1699)(Victory at Vienna); Elliott reckons it from Jan 18, 1057 (Loosing of the Turko-Moslem power from Baghdad) to May 29, 1453 (Fall of Constantinople). Either period fairly well fulfills the calculation of elapsed time, in years, that would be prefigured by the statement "hour, and a day, and a month, and a year" that we find in Revelation 9:15. Elliot's time frame fits it more exactly at slightly more than 396 years, so I will utilize 1057AD to 1453AD. Proceed to Revelation chapter 9:12-21 and read my arguments in favor of this position. The proof is there in Revelation Chapter 9 on the Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool. Please consider these additional points:
  • The Moslem Turks were distinguished by their large numbers of horse cavalry.
  • The invention of gunpowder only recently preceded the Moslem Turk invasion and victory at Constaninople, which was accomplished through artillery bombardment.
  • The horse tails as a battle ensign was unique to the Turks.
  • Please recognize that the Turkish-Moslem horde were bound at Baghdad, on the Euphrates River, for several hundred years before they managed to advance toward the West.

    Next, identify the time when the two witnesses give their testimony unto martyrdom. The destruction of the Vaudois Valley Protestants in France, began October 17, 1685 (Edict of Nantes), restored to their lands April, 1689-interval 3.5 years. Proceed to Revelation chapter 15:2 and read my arguments in favor of this position. The proof is there on the Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool. I ask you to place it there, on the timeline. I will defend and support the argument with respect to the Vaudois witnesses in my next article for the sake of brevity.

    Let us reconsider a chronological flow timeline from John's time to today, filling in the additional "knowns":
    Mohammedan Rise----------612AD to 762AD
    That event represents-------Trumpet 5

    Turkish Woe---------------------------------1057AD to 1453AD
    That event represents---------------------------Trumpet 6

    Two Witnesses Testify--------------------------------------------1685AD to 1689AD
    That event represents-----------------------------------Last Biblical Event Before Vial 1

    Fall of Papacy---------------------------------------------------------------1793AD to 1866AD
    That event represents----------------------------------------------------Vial 1-Vial 5

    So, to conclude, I have identified and supported three events. There are several others to add, but I will end here, once again, for brevity sake, in keeping with my Lord's instructions to me regarding the Revelation Puzzle series. I ask you to consider, however, the consecutive flow of these three events and allow me to place the Vaudois Martyrs in their proper time frame. Does it not rather strongly argue on its' face that the events prior to the fifth trumpet all commenced before 612AD?

    Future articles in this series will examine history alongside of the scripture to see if any other historical events perfectly fulfill the signification they have been given in the pages of the Apocalypse of John. I agree with H Grattan Guinness: 1)First, identify the Divinely interpreted Papal Roman Empire of Revelation 17. 2)Then, identify the 5th trumpet as prefiguring Mohammed and his successors for 150 years of advancement, until they were stopped. 3) Next, identify the French Revolution as representing the Seventh trumpet and five of the vials. 4) Identify the Turkish woe of the 6th trumpet as the fourth most certain, 5) Next, identify the two witnesses, which I will support in the next article. 6) Identify the going forth of the angel with the everlasting gospel, which we will discuss in the next part and 7) Identify that it was the Turkish-Moslem horde that were bound at the Euphrates at Baghdad for several hundred years prior to the Turkish woe, matching the signification of the four angels who were said to be bound there. Once you have placed these seven identified symbolic events in the Chronology, the rest are much more readily identifiable and you will be moving in the direction of agreeing with me that the chronological time flow is the proper way to interpret the events of the Apocalypse of John.

    I have now placed the goal of the entire Revelation Puzzle series before you: to completely convince you as to the identity and time frame of seven major Apocalyptic events. Three are behind us and four will be dealt with in future articles. I pray that the Lord may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him so that you may see and understand that which has been hidden by our Lord in the things that were signified to John while he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos. The Divine source of this Book has been almost universally agreed to by Christian writers for more than 1900 years. May we reach unto the day where the meaning of this Divinely authored book and its' many signs may be as universally accepted and understood by all who constitute the bride of Jesus Christ.

    Stephen L. Bening

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