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Prophecy: Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool
September 1, 2017 Ellul (Mo 6) 10, 5777

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This marks the first day of publication of my Revelation Spreadsheet Analysis Tool.

Much of the work is done on it for Chapter 6 through Chapter 17. I will be updating it as we go forward as there are still many things to include, but I think the work in process will be very valuable for you. Here, you can SEE the dates of when these events took place, as well as reference sources in the Historicist writings. I am not Preterist. I would call myself Historicist, but I hold the view that several vials are still pouring...something the Historicist writers could not have foreseen 110 to 160 years ago.

There were more than 150 writers who interpreted the Book of Revelation between 200 AD and 1900 AD. Guinness's work, "History Unveiling Prophecy" was created through his study of those 150 works. Most of those built upon the work of those who came before them and they also shared with those who were their contemporaries. Often, they were in disagreement, but I like the respectful manner in which most of them dealt with their peers and also, how respectful they were of the views of their predecessors.

What we have, as a result, in the writings after 1800 is a sum total collection of everything they discovered in that whole 1700 years since John was on the Island of Patmos. Today, we seem to have, for the most part, a bunch of lone rangers, running around willy nilly with their own private interpretations.

The only problem I had with all of those old writings is that, at the first, it was very tough to wrap my mind around all of that scholarship. To be humble, their vocabularies dwarfed my own when I began. I was also not accustomed to their attention to minute detail. It has taken me almost twenty years of studying their works to get to the place where I believe I can now do a spreadsheet analysis that will do justice to their works.

After all, all of the Bible prophets and apostles were historicists. They looked at what was happening in their time and said, "This is that which was written by the prophet _________. So, if you want to recognize a true prophet, look for one who looks back respectfully to what the prophets before him saw. Do not be impressed by rank speculators who come up with a hundred different ideas about what they think the bible says about the future. They love to do that because it sells books. Ignore them please.

Looking backward is valuable to build you up in the Kingdom of God. You can study how people either obeyed or disobeyed God and then review the consequences. Speculating forward is of little value in developing you as a disciple. But I love to look and watch forward for whatever my Lord might want to reveal. That is TRUE Bible prophecy!

Stephen L. Bening

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