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Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Decrees Against The Enemy's Decrees
I am a Lender and not a Borrower.
I am an Owner and not a Tenant.
I am not Poor, I am a Millionaire.
I am the King's Kid so I have Divine Connections & access to the Father anytime.
I am Healed, Well & Whole & not Afflicted.
I am happy & have the Joy of the Lord & sadness has no legal right in my future.
I have Peace & not Restleness because Jesus is my peace.
I am Blessed with Favor whereever I go & with whoever I meet.
I am empowere with Faith & Love so there is no Fear or doubts.
I am a Blessing & not a Curse.
I am Anointed, Appointed, Called & Chosen for the tasks ahead.
I am God's servant & I Serve others witj a Serving Heart.
I am a Dynamic Prayer Warrior & Intercessor in the Kingdom.
I am the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
I am Loved & I am walking in Divine Alignment, in my right Position of Influence.
I am great in the Kingdom.
Greatness is my Portion.
I am an Issac, Moses, Elijah, Jacob, Mary, John & a Jeremiah.
Wealth & Riches are in my House.
Signs, Wonders & Miracles are following me every day.
I am not what others say I am, I am who God says I am.
My steps are Divinely ordered by God.
I am a Prophet with an Accurate Prophetic Firery Anointing.
I am Unique with a Regal & Royal Anointing.
My steps are daily Ordered by the Lord.
Finally if you will look to Jesus you will Live.
My Prayer is that we will have a Decreeing Attitude everyday as we awake. Given by the Holy Spirit who I give Honor, Praise & Glory to. Amen.

Posted by fl3/gammadim at 12:48 PM EDT
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Thursday, 24 October 2013
Foundations Will Shake

I am getting ready to shake the very foundations of the earth. This is My time and season of cleansing for My people who have been scattered. I am coming with fire and glory to ingnite their hearts. You have grieved My heart with your fetish ways of doing church. I heard there is coming great swells of My Anointing which will rise as high as waves.                 

The earth will quake when I God Almighty put My feet on it. You will hear a rumbling of My Power, see that you are walking beside Me. You My bride will surrender to me for you are My sheep and where I lead, you will follow. I see waves rising high & the ocean in chaos. This is the time to cast your ets out and be fishers of men. Don't let them die save them. I am watching, be diligent and get the job done. Amen given by Holy Spirit.

Posted by fl3/gammadim at 3:24 PM EDT
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Friday, 16 August 2013

As I was in prayer the Holy Spirit began to speak "Come, and return unto the Lord, for He has torn, and He will heal us; He has smitten , and He will bind us up." Hosea 6: verses 1-3 & you can read the other two verses in your Bible.

As He was speaking I felt fire inside of my chest & even as Im writing this I can still feel fire in my chest. He is calling us back to Himself, to a place of Holiness, a place of Righteousness.                    

I want to give My people one heart & one spirit. I want to remove the stony heart, so all that will be left is a heart of flesh ; which I will give you. A heart that is stony will not hear me but one of flesh will respond to me. As My Heart is full of love & compassion so your flesh heart will imitate me.I am tearing the walls down between you & I; for I want relationship with you. I desire fellowship with you so your roots can go deeper in Me. I am your anchor in the midst of the raging storm. I am your strength & fortress. I will pierce the hearts of My burning ones & consume them with My flaming fire. Are you one of My burning ones? Will you return to Me, your King & Lord. I your Bridegroom await your presence in the bridal chamber & I cannot wait says the Lord.

Given this day August 15, 2013 by the Holy Spirit.

Posted by fl3/gammadim at 4:01 PM EDT
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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wrap yourself in the luxury of the Holy Spirit's warm embrace to excel, exhale & extol God's majesty & Sovereignity. Breathe in that sweet fragrance of His Undying Love for us, as we bow down in worship & adoration before His throne of Grace & goodness.                  

The fragrance whose smell & odor will not die or be extinguished by time, but forever be engrossed & engraved in the tablets of our hearts & minds. Sharpen your VISION in the ecstacy of HIS HOLY PRESENCE.                                                             

The very perfume of His being is so consuming & overpowering, that you will get lost in His identity; and you will come to realize that what you have been seeking, is not in the walls of your complacency or idealogies or theologies, but rather, the greater fragrance of His identity lies in His Kingdom of Divine Destiny. So let the fragrance of His Presence wash over you and transform you forever. Amen. Given by the Holy Spirit

February 7,2013.

Posted by fl3/gammadim at 10:38 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013
Invasion Of His Glory
I want To invade the hearts of My people with My Glory. Detach anything & everything in your hearts that you are connected to & familiar with. I will enlarge your hearts with such a capacity of My Glory that you won't have room for anything else. Make room for My Glory I'm about to invade your territories... your familiar spaces, your businesses, your homes, your churches. Anywhere you make room for me I will invade with My Endless Glory. For this is your NOW SEASON of PROPHETIC BLESSINGS & SUPERNATURAl RESTORATION. When & only when you obey MY will then will I re-attach & re-connect your hearts to Mine. I will cover your nakedness with My Glory & Anointing. I will breath new life into you as My Glory Cloud descends upon you. Your Vision, Insight & Foresight will become clearer; for in My Presence I will once again renew, refresh & rejuvenate your spirits. Given by the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.

Posted by fl3/gammadim at 12:50 AM EDT
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