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Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Close Approaching Calamities

A lot of people around me are getting dreams, visions and words that something calamitous is near at hand.  I have had these kinds of warnings in visions, words and dreams for twenty six years.  I told someone the other day that I have basically lived out of my truck for more than twenty years because when we see these things in the valley of vision, there is no time there.  They look and feel like they are upon us already.

It tends to cause one to relax a bit when twenty six years go by.  I began in 1987 and people are still spending dollar bills at Wal Mart.  However, life is much different now than when God began to speak to me.  OJ Simson was jumping over airline check points in an Avis commerical back then to catch a flight.  Now, he would be shot with a hundred bullets.  God has to shake us old hands all up by giving prophetic newcomers graphic dreams.  They get all stirred up and it tends to stir me up once again. day.......maybe this day, much of what I have seen will enter the history books.  There is every indication that will happen suddenly, with little advance warning other than the prophetic words that have gone before and the individual daily guidance that is available to the disciple of Jesus Christ.  Are you a disciple?  Do you follow the Lamb wherever He goes?

I am an apostle of, among other things, prayer.  It is difficult to move God's people to pray, especially corporately.  They simply will not attend prayer meetings in any great number.  One thing is sure:  I know that when a terrible event happens nearby, they will crowd the church to pray.

Why not pray now, ahead of the calamity?  Why force God to wake us up with a double shock?  Let us return to the Lord and seek Him while He may be found.

Stephen L. Bening

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013
Protecting Moves Of God

I have been a servant of the Lord for a number of years now and I have had the priviledge of being involved in several "moves" of God.  These lasted for periods of varying durations.  Invariably, we have tended to spend some time doing the autopsy whenever a move ends.  It is only natural.  Those of us who really love God want to live in His full presence.  We want Him to be manifest and we long for His miracles to be commonplace in the church.

Scripturally, there seems to be no reason why God's presence should come and go from us.  It does not have to be this way.  Jesus speaks to us that He and His Father want to abide with us and make their home with us. (John 14:23)  The condition given there is that we must keep His words.  This is happening in my home.  Hopefully it is happening in yours.  This should be a present, continuing reality in our churches, but in my experience, it has not been the case. 

We are in a move of God in the local church where I am serving right now.  We are getting what we pray for and getting these things more and more quickly.  We want this to build and we want it to continue.  We have begun to experience faint whisps of the glory of God in recent weeks.  This is exciting.  We desire to protect the move.  We desire it to build.

I have noticed in prior moves of God that we did not have an intercessory prayer ministry in place, praying daily, to support the move and to pray for protection from various attacks from the Devil.   That experience has led me to serve as one of the lead intercessors in our assembly.  We are covering every day of the week in intercession, twice per day.  I am aware of churches overseas that put us to shame in terms of their numbers who pray and their time committed to it, but as Americans, we are at least putting forth intercession for two hours per day and hopefully, our Lord will not compare our feeble efforts to those of the African Christians.  Have mercy upon us Lord.

Last night, one of the young men called me.  He has shown an aptitude for the prophetic and I believe that as years roll forward, he has the opportunity to be chosen for an apostolic call.  He began to ask me about the problem of the single senior pastor system.  I have written at length about it; God has given me much revelation concerning it and I have not been assigned to attack it.  I am aware though that one day, Jesus will come in anger and will attack all churches that are organized according the the form of the pyramid.

I had last served as one of four elders in an elder led church.  That church imploded in 2009 as one of the elders desired the preeminence and half the congregation desired it to be so.  One year later, that church had faded away.  We had no senior pastor and that bothered many of the members.  They desired their pastor just as Israel had desired a king.  It is a common thing here in America and around the world too and it is hard for many to imagine that Jesus might come back to attack that structure.  I tell you as a prophet of the Lord that Jesus is very angry about the single Senior Pastor structure, but He has used it to accomplish His purposes in the Earth.

I believe that the single Senior Pastor system is the one major impediment that blocks a lasting move of God.  I believe it is the major reason why God comes, stays a little while, does a few miracles in our assemblies and then we seem to go very dry for a season.  The Lord had told me in 2009 that this pyramid structure alone was sufficient to defile the church.

We are entering dangerous times in the World and in America.  We need the abiding glory of God.  We will have protection from God if we have the glory in our homes and in our houses of worship.  God has already told me that without the correct design of church that is according to His word.....keeping His words.....we will have no special measure of protection and that the single pastor system is enough to defile it and block His abiding presence.  Jesus and His Father will not come to abide with us:  they will not make their home with us.

We have reached a critical time now where these changes need to be made.  We need His glory.  We need His protection!

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Monday, 11 July 2011
Bride and Bridegroom Stuff
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I believe the coming storm that will range in the kingdoms of this world  is immenent, and I must run out ahead of it.  This blog is where I write a few things about what I am putting out on radio programs or in the churches, wherever I may be speaking.  I will try to write here, even if I am not writing anywhere else.

It seems clear now that the world is swelling up for economic calamity.  It must come to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.  Every major world currency is in danger because of interparty relationships with economies where debt is spiraling out of control.  So, we must have calamity and war so that the winners and losers may be sorted out on a playing field of desperation.  That is the way it has always been in this world.  The nations of the Earth have always been willing to trade together and play together so long as there was no shortage of goods and toys.  But let shortages arise, and the fighting must commence.

Our bridegroom Jesus is really working through the Holy Spirit right now in an urgent appeal to His bride to be.  He is exhorting her to redouble her efforts at preparations.  The time of trouble is very near at hand, and the only protection from any of it will be to be hidden away in the bridegroom.  So, we are being drawn closer to our Lord in this hour.  Who will pull away from the things of this world and fall deeper in love with Him now, before the terrible troubles escalate terribly?

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Monday, 4 July 2011
Get Moving Now!
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I am presently of the opinion that God has revealed that a great storm is coming upon this land.  Those who know me regard that as no surprise.  But God, since Pentecost/Shavuot on June 6/7, has repeatedly urged me to "get moving" and "get everything back up, current and operating.

I was on the road, preparing to go on preaching tour with another prophet in May when God shut me down.  He said gently, in my spirit, to shut everything down, and when I prayed about where to go, for I was already out on the road, the Lord gave me a vision of walking; praying at my mother's home in Southern Illinois.  So, I went there for a week.  Little did I know that she would be called to heaven on May 17.

Sometimes, God can call us to do strange things, like shut all ministry down, and we simply cannot understand what God is doing or why He would ask us to do such an odd thing.  It just didn't seem to make sense..  I am thankful that long ago, I learned to just obey and then figure it all out later.  Thankfully, I was able to spend a week with mom before she went to heaven.

But now we are in July, and God very clearly wants this prophet running ahead of the Ahab driven chariots, careening down Mount Carmel in advance of a coming rainstorm.  God said "run now, lest the storm stop you".  So again, I have obeyed.  The radio programs, as of yesterday afternoon, are all up and running again.  The website is all updated, and I can hear the sound of the abundance of rain.  A storm is coming.  I believe it is almost here.  I hope you are out there running ahead of it too.



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Tuesday, 6 May 2008
False Impressions And Dangerous Conclusions
Tuesday, 6 May 2008
False Impressions And Dangerous Conclusions
I want to assume something for a minute. Let us assume that Todd
Bentley is able to prove conclusively that God has raised a couple of
people from the dead through his ministry.

Many people will then probably believe that they should go and
partake of this ministry, and do everything that Todd Bentley tells
them to do. They might conclude that God was attesting to them,
through this mighty miracle, that everything that is being done in
this ministry is exactly according to the orders and directions of
Jesus Christ. This would be a false impression, and a dangerous

Last night, Todd Bentley revealed at Lakeland that when he had first
started to follow God, he was attending church with the Charismatic
Roman Catholics. Are we then all to follow Todd's lead, and begin
where he did, with the Charismatic Roman Catholics?

I want to present a bit of testimony from "Butler's Lives Of The
Saints", regarding "Father Dominic", who in the year 1218, raised a
man from the dead in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Father Dominic" was the father of the Dominican Order of Priests in
the Roman Catholic Church.

I quote from page 262, of Volume 3, of Butler's Lives:

"It is related that when, on Ash Wednesday, in 1218, the abbess and
some of her nuns went to their new monastery of St. Sixtus, and were
in the chapter house with St. Dominic and three cardinals, a
messenger ran in to say that the young Napoleon, Cardinal Stephen's
nephew, was thrown from his horse and killed.

The saint ordered the body of Napoleon to be brought into the house,
and bid Brother Tancred make an altar ready that he might offer

When he had prepared himself, the cardinals with their attendants,
the abbess with her nuns, the friars, and a great concourse of people
went to the church.

The Sacrifice being ended, Dominic, standing by the body, disposed
the bruised limbs in their proper places, prayed, rose from his
knees, and made the sign of the cross over the corpse; then, lifting
up his hands to Heaven, he cried out,


That instant, in the sight of all, the young man arose sound and

Stephen L. Bening

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Friday, 30 November 2007
Idumea And Armageddon

I wondered how the Lord might use this blog area when I started it up a few weeks ago.  This might just turn out to be one time when it will really be used for something that was only hinted about in the radio program

The Lord hides things in plain sight.  I mentioned today that interwoven into the prophecies about Armageddon and the Day Of The Lord are linked throughout the bible with prophecies about Esau and also all of Esau's other names:  Mt. Seir, Dedan, Bosrah, Edom, Idumea, Moab, The Sabateans, Hebron, the Arabah, Akaba, Petra, the Edomites and the valley of Salt.  All of these different names are speaking about Esau (literally RED).

The last thing the Lord said to me today was that the Red Sea got its' name because it was located next to the land of Esau (literally RED).  The Lord rather succinctly made it clear to me that a guy named RED lived over there, so those people called it RED's Sea.  Hallelujah!

I dropped that bomb in the last ten seconds of today's radio program today, and the Lord gave no time to explain.  I'm not sure that I can, except to elaborate with regard to what I know so far, realizing that more knowledge will only lead to more frustration, which will send us back to the feet of Jesus.  Hallelujah!

The Red Sea is to the South of the land of Israel.  The historical land of Esau, and all the prophetic mentions throughout the bible that are hidden under all those other assumed names, all refer to a land that is to the SOUTH and EAST of the land of Israel.

Armageddon is a place where wars have occurred and a big, end time war will occur there, and it is located on a plain near the Valley of Meggido, which is in the extreme NORTH of Israel.

Now, I realize your harlot pastor/teachers have oversimplified everything for you and you have your endtime timeline chart memorized in your head, but did they ever tell you about how Esau and all the prophecies under his assumed names are related to Armageddon?  I'll bet you they did not!  The reason is it is too complex.  They want to over simplify everything for you.  Why?  Because most of you roll your eyes when they talk about history and the ancient names of nations.  They realize that, and so, they don't tell you the whole truth.  They want you to be convinced about how wonderful and smart they are, so that you will empty your pockets into their tithing collection boxes, bags and urns.

The final bomb I dropped today sent you to Isaiah 34, where Idumea is mentioned, and so, I finally reached unto the reason for the enigmatic title for today's radio program.  You can tell by reading that chapter that Idumea aka Edom has a big part in the battle of Armageddon, but how in the heck can Edom have any roll in a battle like that, when Edom/Idumea is on the South of Israel and Meggido is on the North?  The harlot pastor/teachers tell us that Edom/Esau no longer exists!  It passed out of history almost 2,000 years ago, according to them, yet the prophets give it a big roll in the great battle of Armageddon.

That would be like saying that Armageddon was going to be fought in the valley of Minneapolis, MN, but then turning around and saying that Miami, FL will have the sword of judgement coming down on it during this battle, and Miami, FL has not existed for 2,000 years.  How absurd?  What gives Isaiah?  Help me Jesus!  My harlot pastor/teacher never told me about these "complexities".

I began the program today with a very simple premise from the end of Matthew 23:  Jerusalem will not see Jesus until they are ready to bless his name.  Clearly, at present, they are not ready, so they will not see him now.  By some estimates, 40% of national Israeli's are atheist/agnostic, and almost 60% never go to Synagogue.  And yet, the nations of the world are gathered to tamper with God's land, and that will trigger the very definite result to cut all of those who tamper with it to pieces.  Still, it is quite apparent that Jerusalem is not yet ready to call upon the name of the Lord, so they shall not yet see him.  And yes, He is still ready to gather them.  He is stretching out His hands toward them, even now, and even after the destruction of this nation called Israel.

This leads to Isaiah 9 and 10:  the chapters of the Lord's outstretched hand toward to Jacob aka Israel after the flesh, which is not necessarily Israel, the nation, and therein lies the complexity.  This is not a simple matter.  The Lord revealed to me many years ago that the war of Isaiah 9 is still future, and if the occupants of the land do not repent, the present day Israel may be removed from the map.  Even after that war, the Lord will still be stretching his arm out to Israel (Jacob), after the flesh, and He will claim a remnant of them who will turn to Him, believe, and say "blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."  How could that be?  If national Israel is destroyed, how will He still stretch out his hands to Jacob?  Perhaps most of Jacob is not living in national Israel?

Historically, the Edomites have always lusted after the land of Israel.  That land, according to scripture, belongs to God alone.  Whenever God was displeased with Israel, He raised up the Assysrians first, and the Babylonians second to trouble them and dislodge them.  Later on, the Romans sufficed to carry out the job for God.  Each and every time national Israel came under judgement, parts or even all of the land of Israel was emptied out of its' inhabitants and became desolate.  And each time, guess who crept in under the cover of darkness?  That's right...the Edomites.  So, at times in history, you hear about Egypt even referencing the idea that Edom had control of the area even as far North as Succot.  When you get to Succot, you are getting very close to Meggido.

Now, you really have to wonder.  The land of Israel was laying empty for all those hundreds of years after Jesus went back to heaven.  The desert was a wasteland.  Then, in 1917, there was a movement to establish Palestine under British control, and some "Jews" started moving back there.  But were they really Jews from the 12 tribes of Israel?  Were they really Israel after the flesh?  Who was it that was creeping back into the land of Israel?  They were certainly Zionists, and they wanted to live in the old land of Israel, very definitely.  The first thing those Zionists did in 1915 was to get to work with the reestablishment of the Hebrew language.  Even today, who are the main residents of national Israel, and where did they come from?

So, most of us, when we see Israel on the map, and all the Christian tours going to Jerusalem, and we have Hebrew roots classes and all this Hebrew music, we are all swept along in the flood tide of this whole thing.

You see, from olden times, the language of the Edomites was very close to Hebrew, and Esau, being Jacob's brother, was the nearest cousin.  Jacob had actually tricked Esau into giving him the birthright of the firstborn:  the price was a bowl of RED stew.  I cannot get away from the fact that trickery and deceit was involved here.  The name Jacob means "schemer, supplanter, to supercede another by force or treachery".

One of my prophetic brothers was speaking to me on the phone yesterday, and he wondered out loud if this present day Israel might really be Edom, in disguise, returning the favor of the treachery that Israel worked on him so many millenia ago.  Now, that brother is not ready to preach that idea in public.  It is simply too controversial.  Who can bear it?  Would not the whole world ride to his house to tar and feather him?

The whole issue of Edom may have another aspect to it, and this one is in the invisible realm, meaning it is symbolic.  I have had ideas, over the years, that the biblical words used to describe Edom, and what it was like, sound a great deal like the words we use to refer to the United States.  Particularly, when I read the words of Obadiah, I start to think about the United States when Obadiah compares Edom to the eagle.

God plays this game of chess on many more levels than a two dimensional chessboard.  He has guaranteed that He will frustrate the wisdom of the wise of this world.  Turn to Jesus.

 Most people do not know that the Israelites, at the time of Jesus, did not speak Hebrew and had very little knowledge of it at all.  They spoke Aramaic.  Jesus may have never heard His so called name of YESHUA while He was here on Earth.  Nobody knows for sure just how his name was pronounced 2,000 years ago, as there were many dialects of Aramaic.  The most likely candidate appears to be "EESHOO".  So, I'll just stick with "JESUS".  Oh my, how complex and difficult things can become?  When I discover all this information that shocks me so, I get up a quick head of steam and run back to Jesus.  Let us run to Jesus' feet.

On November 29, 1947 (Kislev 17), The UN voted 33 to 10 to partition the land of Palestine, and establish a nation of Israel.  Everyone quotes Luke 21:29 to joyously proclaim that the fig tree is shooting forth (National Israel is signified by the fig tree).  The harlot church pastor/teachers ignore Matthew 21, where Jesus cursed the fig tree forever:  it will NEVER bear fruit unto GOD, ever again!  How can we enshrine the Luke 21 fig tree allusion as fulfilled prophecy and not accord the same importance to the Matthew 21 allusion to the fig tree and the MESSIANIC GUARANTEE that it will NEVER BEAR FRUIT AGAIN?  Isaiah 34 also speaks about the fig tree too, and in the next verse, 5, it mentions Idumea.  It speaks about how figs will fall from that fig tree in that day.

Whatever the reason is for the connection of Idumea and Israel with the gathering at Armageddon, we cannot simply ignore it.  God will not.  It may be found in other scriptures as well.  As C.I Scofield said in his comments on Genesis 36:1--"Edom has a remarkable prominence in the prophetic word as (together with Moab), the scene of the final destruction of the Gentile world-power in the day of the Lord."  He then sends the reader to Revelation 16:14, Revelation 19:21, Luke 21:24, Revelation 16:14, Psalm 137:7, Obadiah 8-16, Isaiah 34:1-8, Isaiah 63:1-6, Jeremiah 49, 14-22, Ezekiel 25:12-14, Jeremiah 25: 21, Amos 1:11 and Isaiah 34.

I mentioned in the program today the teaching of prophetic minister Art Katz, who used to ask a question:  "Will your faith be strong enough to withstand the news that Israel has been destroyed?"  Art Katz was speaking about national Israel, of course.

I have now reached the limits of what I know and I have mentioned some thoughts others have told me about where they have guesses and suspicions.  This is hidden away on a blog, in the internet wilderness.  I have some ideas about how to go further, but I do not believe there are many of you who can bear to read about it, let alone hear me talk about it.  And, I don't want to be making any rash, erroneous statements.  We have all had our bellies full of harlot pastor/teachers who do that!

Such is the result when I get seven hours to sit in solitude with my Lord.  He has many things to teach us, but will we give the King of Kings the time that He requires?

John 16:12 says that you would not even be able to receive some of these could not hear it directly from Jesus even if he visited your house.  Can you believe that?  You would not believe it, even if Jesus told you, personally, standing right in front of you and staring into your eyes.  You will have to get these difficult things from the Holy Spirit, as He will reveal them to you, line by line, and precept by precept.  So will I.  We will have to make more time available to him, in solitude, I believe.  This American lifestyle fights against it more than any other on Earth.

It is difficult enough to bear the idea that Israel may yet be destroyed.  Anything further is utterly unbearable.  I pray that we may all be found at the feet of Jesus, and that our faith will survive the coming days.

Stephen L. Bening

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Friday, 16 November 2007
To Fight?

     We had our regular Thursday meeting last night, and when I saw one man who had come, I immediately was seeking the Lord about how to handle the situation.  You see, the man is a travelling evangelist church builder who is very pushy with storehouse tithing teaching.  His group, based in Colombia, is basically recreating the Catholic Church.  Every church in the network teaches the same thing every week, as determined by the "Church Father" in the home church.  They are as forceful in their recruiting efforts as any multi-level marketing sales agent you have ever met.  I knew this fellow had probably come to our meeting to gather phone numbers.

     I was all prepared for a fight, and the Lord calmed me down, and had me to be downright sociable with the fellow.  Sure enough, after it was over, he was on the side, putting hard pressure on my wife and another man to come to his meeting, quit their churches and join his.  And yet, as I have always told those who come to our meeting, they are free.  They may go to inspect and check out any meeting where they feel the Lord is leading them to go.  They should TEST EVERYTHING as they go, and consider those forces, lusts and desires that motivate the actions of most men on planet Earth. 

     The interesting part is that this man loves Jesus, I believe.  In that sense, and toward that desire, I can walk with him and talk with him.  I disagree with so many of his rules and practices, and I believe he is in danger in the storehouse tithing teaching, yet the Lord still loves him, as the Lord loved me when God was patient with me in my ignorance.  I cannot gather with his church, or recommend it to others, but I am not to fight against him or it either.

     Mark 9 has a story where Jesus was told by his disciple John that a man was casting out devils in the name of Jesus, and that man was not walking with Jesus or the disciples.  Imagine John's surprise when the Lord told John to leave the man alone.

     There are things I may not be able to gather together with, or recommend, but that does not mean I am to fight against them.  There are other things that I am to fight against with all my strength.  It requires wisdom from God to know the difference.

Stephen L. Bening


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Wednesday, 14 November 2007
Vultures Gathered To The Potomac

     Our walk as believers is built upon by the Lord in a brick by brick fashion.  The Holy Spirit will use everything He has ever spoken before to show you new things.

     Years ago, I had revelation from God regarding Luke 17:37, that the disciples had asked a geographic question, and Jesus had given them a geographic answer.  In that scripture, the Eagles (Greek-aetos) are to be gathered to the body (Greek-soma).  I perceived at that time that only one place on Earth carried the name SOMA, and it was located in Western Turkey, in the area of the biblical seven churches of Revelation.  The same Greek word SOMA is used in Revelation 18 to refer to slaves.  The Holy Spirit has had me paying special attention, since that time, to the activities of Turkey, and also those of the Slavic nations, most particularly, the old Yugoslavia, which today, is known as Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo.  They carry the name "Slavic" because they were perpetually enslaved.

     The companion verse in Matthew 28 is a bit different.  In that one, the eagles (Greek-aetos) are gathered to the body-kjv, or corpse-niv (Greek-ptoma).  As anyone can see, the Greek word used here is different.  This word is the first choice for use to denote a dead body or corpse, and it can also refer to a calamity, a failure or a fall into sin.

     This morning, in that space midway between sleeping and waking, the Holy Spirit and my spirit were communing, and I was pondering all of these things, when the Spirit said...THE VULTURES ARE GATHERING TO THE POTOMAC.  I awoke quickly to appreciate the play on words...ptoma...carcase...dead body...Potomac, where our nations capital is situate.  I pondered on the recent prophecies about a terrorist attack that some are saying will befall our nation's capital.

     This is truly such a time to draw close to our Lord.  We see the UN, dealing with deliberations right now in the Slavic lands that may culminate next month.  The biggest Slavic nation, Russia, has become a bear awakened.  The Turks have been conducting cross border raids into Iraq, very close to the American Eagles.

     A wise man would conclude that the time might be short.

 Stephen L. Bening

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Monday, 12 November 2007
Filled With The Holy Ghost

     Yesterday, I was responding to a request from a mother, in Colombia, that I go to pray for her daughter here in Miami.  I had met the mother two years ago when I ministered in Medellin, and the mother's request was quite urgent. 

     Apparently, the doctors had pronounced an imminent death sentence over this woman.  I never like to hear that doctors are playing God in that manner.  Only God gets to say when someone will breathe their last breath here on Earth.

     So, off we went, first to the hospital, only to find that she had been discharged.  "Nothing else they could do for her", was the story we were told. 

     We arrived to find about twenty family members eating and fellowshipping throughout the house, and the TV was blasting.  I began to silently pray that God would work all this out.

     A chair was placed for me in the center of the room, next to the woman who had the cancer diagnosis.  As I sat there, and we waited for the relatives to finish eating, I began to know, in my spirit, that I was going to preach, even though it did not appear to be an opportune time for that to occur.  I also began to know, in my spirit, that this was not the time for this woman to die.

      Sure enough, the room calmed down, and the woman who was ill was not so ill as to be quiet or meek.  She was a believer in Jesus, and she had strong faith.  She did not believe she was going to die, but she confessed healing with her mouth.  She gave directions to all of her relatives that they were going to listen to me now as I told them about the Lord.  And so, I began, and preached about faith and love and miracles for about twenty minutes, and then we all rose to lay hands on the woman and pray.

     We prayed and I felt what seemed to be a crown, resting on my head.  I lifted my hand to worship, and the crown lifted off my head.  I lowered my hand, and the crown once again rested on my head.  I inquired of the Lord, within myself, and perceived that the Lord was desiring that I was to behave as a king, and make a decree, in His name.

     So, when we finished praying, I spoke, and cancelled the decree of death over the woman that had been made by the doctors, and I made a decree that every cancer cell in her body would now die, instead of her.

     We finished, and gave praise and thanks to God. 

     I looked around at the twenty relatives.   Some were weeping.  The presence of God was incredibly strong.  I asked these people who were gathered out of various religions how many of them could feel God's presence in that place.  All of them raised their hands, and great joy filled that place.  We had all experienced God.

     Today, I am meditating on that event.  There is no substitute for being filled with the Holy Ghost, for in that moment, we know exactly what God wants to do, what He is willing to do and what He wants us to do.  It is so wonderful to be filled with the Holy Ghost.

     Repent of your sins today and turn to Jesus, and be filled with the Holy Ghost!

 Stephen L. Bening

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Wednesday, 31 October 2007
Hit With An Anvil
 All week long, I have been talking about what happens when God quickens you.  It means more than simply preserving your life. 

     God can spiritually revive you, and bring you back to an intense passion in His service.  You can be quickened in His judgements, so that they do not come upon you unawares.  I need that and you do too.

      When God quickens you, you begin to see spiritually.  It is as though scales will fall from your eyes, and you will discover what He is saying, and it will be right in front of you.

     This week, I have been also talking about Comet 17P/Holmes.  The name "Holmes" means "surrounded by water".  That comet has been making its regular, 43.24 year trip through the solar system.  It was located just under the arm in Perseus on October 24 when it flared to a brightness more than 1 million times brighter than its original magnitude of 17.  Today, it is a naked eye observable object, in the constellation Perseus.

     What was the anvil?  Well, today, I discovered that in Greek Mythology, Perseus retired to Asia Minor and had a son named Perses, who is reputed to be the founder of the Persian race.  That is right:  we have a bright, flaring comet in the constellation that corresponds to the nation of Iran.  That comet flared just under the arm of Perseus that holds the sword.

     The ancients always regarded comets as harbingers of war.  The bible tells us that God will send signs in the sun, the moon and the stars before the great and dreadful day of the Lord, and this certainly qualifies as one.

     Repent and turn to Jesus.  Sudden change is portended.  There is a sudden brightening or quickening happening now among the people of God.  The manchild is being brought forth.  At the same time, get ready.  War is on the horizon, and the day of the Lord is at hand.

Stephen L. Bening

Posted by fl3/gammadim at 6:41 PM EDT
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