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Friday ,Feb 11 2000

Friday was epic and everyone was there, Russ, Joey, Steve, Makai, Tom, Claude, and some unknown skimmer. The temp. was at least 70 and sunny, with water temp. at 65 degrees. Check out some of the shots.

Steve Pullara

Stevo, Eyeing the slot!!!

Tom Quigg showing up just as the battery died

Russell Thomas

Unknown skimmer ????

Don't cut off the unknown skimmer!!!!!

Joey Roberts redirecting traffic!!!

Makai ripping !!!

MAKAI 4 yrs,Snapping shovets since he was 1.5 !!

VILANO'S not so nice side, as performed by Matt Etheridge

Sister Kim with the camera yells "GOT IT !"

Keep checking for more of the Vilano Bro's future sessions.

Also if you care to take the trip and join us, just let us know your coming....See ya, Stevo