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Fort Lauderdale Archers

Ft.Lauderdale Archers is a not for profit, members only club, dedicated to the sport of archery.  Member Dues are paid yearly and all money is used for rent, utilities, targets, and range maintanence.  The club has no paid employees, all range maint. is done by the members during our monthly "work parties".  Club shoots are held the day after a work party and follow the season. (3-D, Indoor, International, Field, Hunter,Olympic,ect.)  The club has a 14 target field course and 30 3-D animals.  The club sits on over 35 acres of land in the Ft. Laud. area. Lessons and instructions are available from staff and pro shooters. Please sign our guestbook. Thank You!

About our Logo. Some of you may not be old enough to remember him. He was the little Indian in the "Li'l Abner" comic strip. Along with his sidekick Hairless Joe, they brewed a particularly volatile drink called Kickapoo Joy Juice. One swig from his jug would cause an individual to become instantly rigid, rise into the air horizontally and fall to the ground in a stupor. Recovery could take days if not weeks. Lonesome Pole Cat is the Indian that graces our club logo.

Lonesome Pole Cat lived in Dogpatch along with Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae, Mammy Yocum, Hairless Joe, and many other Characters. "Sadie Hawkin's Day", a day that will live in infamy for all unmarried male inhabitants of Dog Patch, was an annual holiday. Any unmarried female resident was allowed to chase down any bachelor of her choice. When captured, the unlucky bachelor was forced to marry his captor.

The Artist, Al Capp donated exclusive rights for the use of Lonesome Polecat as Fort Lauderdale Archers' mascot and logo. Our Club, only, has the rights to use him. Capp was a genius and probably the finest comic strip artist that ever lived. "Lil Abner" was the most popular comic strip in the nation during its publication.

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Fort Lauderdale Archers