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Fort Lauderdale Archers

Tip of the Month

This tip is from Steve Feltus

In speaking with most of the professional instructors at the range, wrong draw length was cited as the most common form ailment.  Most archers don't realize that you should shoot the bow from a slightly shorter position to insure that you anchor at the back of the "wall".  If you think your bow is just right, it is probably too long.  Usually when your bow feels just a little bit short, its probably right on, as far as draw length.  Shooting from the wall insures a consistent anchor, and makes it hard to creep during the shot, which is one drawback of having a bow that is too long.

And in hunting situations, where the archer is often shooting at odd angles and in odd positions, a shorter draw length is essential in making sure that you come to full anchor, and thus making a consistent shot.

This tip is from John Svoboda

Does it seem like the farther the distance, the worse your score gets?  Even though you seem to be making good shots and holding steady.  For a change, it could be something else, other than the person behind the bow.  Could it be your center shot?  To check this out, set a 20 yard mark on your bow.  Shoot an arrow at 20 yards.  Now, with the same 20 yard mark, shoot another arrow at the 30 yard line and again at the 40 yard line.  You should have a straight, vertical line made by the 3 arrows in the bale.  If you notice that at 30 and 40 yards, your arrows veer  to the left of vertical, your arrow rest is to far to the left and you need to move it to the right.  If your line of arrows veers to the right, your rest is too far to the right.  You need to adjust your rest to the left.  After the adjustment, check your shots again.  You should have a vertical line.  If your vertical line is to the left or right of your aiming point, adjust your sight or pins windage unit.  Remember to follow the arrow when adjusting your sight.  As a note, put your aiming dot high enough on the bale so that your 3rd arrow will finish on the bale.  Pass it along, the more people understand the sport of archery, the more the sport will grow.  Enjoy the sport the way it was meant to be, by having fun.

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