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Fort Lauderdale Archers

Range Rules

1)  Littering is Prohibited.

2) Don't molest the animals or plants.

3)Use practice area to sight in and practice.

4) No bow of such poundage that the arrows readly penetrate new bales are allowed on the range.

5)  No firearms, crossbows, or broadheads allowed on range.  (broadheads are allowed in the broadhead pit only!)

6)  No Ungentlemanly or Unlady like conduct on the range.

7)  No illegal drugs are permitted on club property, violators are subject to suspension by Board action.

8)  No shooting at anything but designated targets.

9)  Always give a warning of your presence if you are behind a target.

10)  Never release an arrow when you can not see where it will land, never shoot straight up in the air.

11)  Never shoot a broken arrow, always inspect them when retrived.

12)  Never demonstrate your skill by using a person as a target, or permitting another person to hold an object at which you shoot.

13)  I.D. Tags are to be worn at all times, you will be checked by staff members, and could be asked to leave if you do not have it with you.

Rememer at all times that a bow is a deadly weapon, such as a gun, treat it as such!

Archery is a great sport!

Enjoy and have fun!

Fort Lauderdale Archery Club

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