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Fort Lauderdale Archers

Quiver Quotes

November, 2000

Why shoot a longbow

I use a straight-end longbow for the simple reason that it requires a less exacting hold and loose to get necessary accuracy while hunting, where quick shots must be made from unconventional positions-standing, kneeling or sitting-not the traditional target archer's pose.  Also, the longbow throws a heavy arrow much better than any recurve bow designed, which is necessary for sufficient big game penetration.  The longbow is fast, smooth, sturdy and dependable, built to give me years of trouble-free service." -Howard Hill-  who was a living legend in his day and probably did more to promote archery and the longbow than any other man.

We live in the age of modern technology.  Fancy gadgets beckon us from every angle.  The scene at the archery range on in the hunting camp "ain't like it used to be".  Some of us like to stick with proven methods, others take to every change.  Shooting the longbow recaptures the thrill of accomplishment through simplicity.

Let's "listen" to Hill again.  "The straightened longbow gives yu speed, stability and cast.  It is feather-light in the hand and has excellent maneuverability".

"For those however who will be able to practice once or twice a week, and for all hunting archers, the longbow, with straight ends is the only one to consider".

The following is quoted from the book Sagittarius by Howard Hill's protege Bob Swinehart as written about Howard Hill, his longtime teacher and friend.

"He (Hill) preferred the simple longbow, for many reasons, but primarily because it is more accurate.  Today this design is old fashioned compared to the fancy recurves (and compounds) and gadgets for bows, and consequently many archers would not be caught dead with a longbow.  Like cars, glamour sells.  Many people like to believe Howard used the longbow through all his years because he was set in his ways and resisted change.  In turn, these people thought I used it because of Howard- because he was my idol I would blindly use it regardless of performance.

"But the last word above answers  it- PERFORMANCE.  It got the job done better than any other design of bow.  It never ceased to amaze me how many people tried to talk Howard and me out of using the straight longbow, despite the fair amount of success we've had, when many of these same individuals have yet to bag so much as a rabbit and can't hit a barn door at ten paces".

And Swinehart himself - as quoted in part from Sagittarius

"The long length means less error of the trajectory of an arrow.  This is simple geometry.  The more acute the angle the more deviation at any given distance.  No release is ever perfect, and in bow hunting the release often must be hasty or unorthodox.

Consequently, with my longbow, my arrow, though not flawlessly released, may still strike the chest of an animal, whereas that same release from a shorter bow could mean a miss - there could be as much as a foot difference at 30 yards.

"Unorthodox shooting -the key to many hunts or interesting show performances is shooting an arrow from odd and awkward positions, like the bow upside down.  The action and design of the longbow makes it possible to shoot accurately at any bow angle.  Try it with a recurve or compound.  It doesn't work half as well, particularly any quick release shots.

"Quiet - the design of a longbow makes it by far the quietest bow of any.  When shooting at game this is important.  A twangy bow string has spooked many a quarry.  Deer are often alerted by the sound in time to evade the shaft.  If there is a slight breeze or rustle among the leaves a person will often not hear my release from as close as ten yards.  But my buddy's recurve, wow, sounds like he's playing the violin.  When he shoots he alerts every animal within 100 yards.

"Heavy arrow- a long straight-limbed bow can accurately propel a much heavier arrow than a reflex or recurve bow, or any short bow.

"Carrying- when walking through high grass fields or dense foliage, the longbow does not constantly snag or hang up as does a recurve or compound because the recurve string lays over the curve at the bow end - and the compound has additional snagging and hang up potential due to the web formed by the string and cables - editors note"

"Stringing - a longbow is much easier to string than a recurve, the proper way in any weight.  In the ultra-heavy weights recurves are really tough to string.  Due to difficulty in stringing, the heavy recurves are easily limb twisted or broken.

To some of you veteran longbow shooters this information will help to confirm what you already know, to others it will provide a bit of solid fact to grab hold of and give a basis for their enthusiasm.  To the archer considering a longbow it is valuable information.

Besides all the above well stated facts there are other basic reasons for considering a longbow.  A longbow is a lifetime investment.  If properly cared for its type of construction - stable and reliable - makes the longbow the most durable and dependable bow made.  Limb twist is virtually unheard of.  The average longbow weighs 24 ounces or less making it a joy to handle.

Naturally there is the element of nostalgia and romance when the longbow is mentioned.  Understandably so - but there is more to it than that.  The longbow represents archery in its truest basic form.  It brings out the bowmanship in the archer.  His accomplishments can be astounding.  But, he must master himself along with his equipmint realizing that if he does make a mistake it won't be amplified or over exaggerated, therefore, making it easier to discover and correct his faults.

Remember - with any endeavor, you will have to practice and stay in condition in order to master the longbow of any significant weight, practicing under hunting conditions and avoiding the conventional target archers stance rigidity.

We have covered "why shoot a longbow"  Reprinted from the Longbow Shooter's Digest.

Club News       Costa Rica

Juan Jose Wedel, of the Associacion de Tiro con Arco de Costa Rica, visited our club September 28, and I gave him a short tour of our facilities.  The purpose of his visit was to establish communication with us and offer the use of his club's facilities to any of our members who may travel to San Jose, where they have an outdoor field and fita range as well as an indoor range.  They only shoot targets.  They have both compound and recurve shooters.  He also expressed an interest in perhaps having an inter club competition at some time in the future.  If you have never been to Costa Rica, the trip is well worth it and now you would even be able to do a little archery.  If any one would like to contact him directly, feel free to do so at   He did not mention hunting, but there are some places where whitetail deer can be hunted.

Club t-shirts

Club T-shirts are for sale in the now open pro shop. The T-shirts are made of 50/50 cotton polyester mix, are blue in color with white lettering or white with blue lettering, and have our logo stenciled on front and back.  We also have collared polo style shirts in blue with white letters.  The white shirts are $13.00, the blue are $15.00, and the polo shirts are $20.00  All shirts come in all sizes.

Pro Shop

The pro shop is now officially open and holds a plethora of equipment, a myriad of bows, a prodigious supply of arrow making materials, and a voluminous work space to fiddle with your bow.  See a Board Officer for more details.

Outdoor Indoor

The indoor is upon us once again and we just finished working on the butts, and none to soon.  We have approximately 13 teams signed up to vie for the coveted top position.  Sixty arrows shot in three ends (an end consists of twenty arrows) are shot from twenty yards.  More than anything else, form is the key here.  Bad form, bad shooting.  Good form, you win good money.  The Indoor League has always been a major staple for the Ft. Lauderdale Archers as a club in whole and as individual members as this shoot accomplishes sever points of note.  First it is a great way to grow as an archer.  Ten weeds of constant twenty yard drilling will do wonders for anyone with a bow in their hands.  Second, our club seems to be the ONLY club in the state that wants to hold the Regional Indoor.  This is one of the last shoots before the pressure of the State Indoor, which usually brings an average of 1200 shooters.

Yoku Irasshai Mashita.........

....Or in the literal sense- YOU ARE WELCOME.

The following members have joined our affiliation in the recent months and should be embraced into the fold.

Joe Oriface, Darren Nunez, Rene Gonzalez, Stephen Greager, James Lewis, Roy Smollett, Daniel Diffily, Joseph Augustinowitz, Marinel Bolin, Robert McQuarrie, Michael Palozzola, Bill Coulter, Frank Mason, Michael Kotcherha, Kevin Remillard, Ralph Cooley, Daniel Valdes, Craig White, David Ganlon, Jesus Aguiar, Anthony Delgardio, Scott Levin, Carey Barrett, Glenn Barrett, David Agata, Bill Hoy, and Mikhail Kojoukhine.  We welcome you all.

News Note

For those of you who may or may not receive the newsletter, please address your concerns to Pam Pittinger at the address on the return mail or by the phone number on the calendar.  Make sure that your address information is correct with her as she is responsible for mailing out the newsletter.

If you wish to contribute anything from a story to your point of view, send your writings to either:

David Hall

2081 Alcazar Drive

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