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Fort Lauderdale Archers

Club News

We now have new butts for the practice range.  They look great guys and gals.  Thanks go to all who helped build the new butts.  We even have Lights on them!!  They came out looking great!!

In the near future you will find the "Quiver Quotes" right here,  If you want to recieve the "Quiver Quotes" by e-mail send Name and e-mail address to:

The Orange Blossom Open was a great success!  You should be proud of everyone who worked so hard to bring it off.  The Board of Directors sends thanks to everyone who helped work for the shoot.   You can see pictures of the shoot in the photo album, pages 3,4,5,and 6.

The Indoor League is over, and the Banquet was very enjoyable, everyone had a great time, and there were a few surprises.  You can see pictures of the banquet and awards in the photo album, pages 6, and 7.

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