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July 30, 2000:Great news!! Essense is pretty much finally all together!! They've got a new, and by the way, *amazing* webmaster (Thank you Courtney!!), and also a new member!! Yes Essense has finally found it's final member!! They had planned on becoming a quartet, but it's very hard, and so they are keeping this as for now, just to see how things work, and if they don't work out with just 3, then they will have more auditions once again!! The new and so far final member is Christina Gardner, a 14 year old beauty with an amazing voice from Bowie, Maryland! Congradulations Tina!! We're so happy to have you!! You can see her Bio as soon as we get it up!! That's it for now. Check out the new wavs, and pics...and the soon to be up, site!!! Bye now!!!

News!! Joanna now has made some wavs (they are poor quality, but hey, it's better than nothing!!) and they will be up tomorrow (June 11, 2000) for sure. So come back to check!! Also, Essense has finished many of their songs, and our deciding on which of their original songs to use for their demo. Essense is also currently looking for a permanent management, and also a new webmaster. If you are interested, please contact the girls in the contact section. Essense is also still currently holding auditions for the next two members of the group. They are looking to have four members. They have been to a few more photo shoots, so you will see more group pictures, and more pictures of them both individually (we know you've been aching for some new pics of Audra!!) That's about it for now. Come back!! KEEP THE ESSENSE PRIDE ALIVE!!