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Welcome to my special author page for a very talented writer of hot sexy romance...Vicki Lewis Thompson. She has a huge backlist of Harlequin Temptations and Blazes, and many anthologies as well. Her heroes are to-die-for sexy! Cowboys and nerds have never been better! I hope Vicki continues to write for a very long time to come.

Since her backlist is so extensive I will not list them all on this page but I will mention one title that is a fantastic keeper for me. Santa in a Stetson is a hot sexy book and I made the header image on this page from the cover. This book is OOP but it might have been reissued in an anthology. If you have not read must! To visit Vicki's website you can click on the burning heart lower on this page.

I would like to thank Vicki for sending me a copy of Killer Cowboy Charm when it was released back in Nov '04. I had just started getting very ill from gall stones and her kindness at that point of my life will stay with me always. I enjoyed the book very much!

Visit Vicki Lewis Thompson's website!

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