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Kensington Dec '02

Nicole Rosseau is the second widow of Jean Cuvier in the "Cuvier Widows" trilogy. Nicole is the innocent young wife of a bigamist that is found dead. She is now penniless and pregnant, but is determined to hold on to the only thing she possesses, and that is her home, Rosewood. And born an illegitimate child herself, she does not want her child to go through the same disgrace as she had. So, when a kind stranger helps her in town after a moment of illness, she offers him a marriage deal, which will give her child a name. Maxim Viel accepts Nicole's offer for his own personal reasons. It is his familial duty to gain back the home that had once belonged to his family. Rosewood had been lost to them and now Max sees Nicole's proposal as a way for him to gain the home back much quicker. However, he had not expected to fall in love. Now Max finds himself wanting something more than Rosewood, the love of his lovely young wife.

Max and Nicole's story is a tender and touching sequel to "Josephine Street". Their passion is consummated in a lovely scene in a gazebo in the moonlight. Once again, Sylvia McDaniel weaves a beautiful romantic tale where love overcomes deceit. Set in historical Louisiana, with authentic feel, I enjoyed the story!

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