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Welcome to my fave author page for an author that writes fantastic Cajun stories. And since Cherie Claire is from Louisiana originally her writing is quite authentic! I really enjoyed her Zebra Ballad series THE ACADIANS. I will be adding a review for DELPHINE soon. If you have not tried Ms Claire's great books I highly recommend them!

Emilie Gallant is the oldest daugther of Joseph Gallant, a proud family man that is exiled, which leaves his wife and three young daugthers with no male protection when they are uprooted and shipped to a foreign land. For thirteen years, they live unhappily without a husband and father.

As the oldest, Emilie feels she must make up for the loss of her father and bears most of the responsibility of seeing that her younger sisters grow up properly. Emilie never gives up that they will all be reunited with their much loved family member someday. Her childhood friend, Lorenz Landry has been a steady influence on her growing up. He vows to help her locate her father and she refuses to let him do it alone. But emotions run high, as Lorenz is deeply in love with her and has asked for her hand in marriage, only to be turned down. Hurt and angry, Lorenz sets off in search of her father, without her, only to discover the dirty ruffian trailing him is none other than his beloved...Emilie.

This couple's struggle between each other will hold you enthralled. The heroine is spirited and determined. The hero is caring and desirable yet still has just the right amount of masterful tendencies to satisfy any woman. I think Ms Claire has a firm grasp of what all women desire most in a man. I love her heroes! And I look forward to reading the other two stories in this exciting trilogy. I have faith it will be resolved in an amazing way. Fantastic story!

This second story in The Acadians trilogy is so thick with Cajun atmosphere you can almost feel the humid heat of Louisiana and the mosquitoes lighting on your skin.

Rose is the youngest daughter of the Gallant family. She is not as beautiful or as obedient as her two older sisters. However, she is passionate and knows her heart's desire, which is Englishman Coleman Thorpe.

The proud Acadian family were uprooted from their home and separated from their much loved husband and father thirteen years ago. And they blame the English for their terrible ordeal. Rose knew her family would never accept her love for Coleman yet longed to follow her heart above all else.

Coleman is at his lowest when a hurricane wipes out his already failing farm. Rose finds him injured, drunk and passed out and her heart goes out to him. She can not leave him in this condition regardless of what her family would think of her assisting him in any way. Besides she knows she most do what is best for her family by accepting the proposal of their new boss even though she yearned to be with Coleman instead. A tender situation all around!

Rose and Coleman will entrance you with their love for each other...a very touching romance fulfilled. This story is why readers enjoy picks up from the first book yet uniquely it stands alone. As well as introduces the next exciting story to come. A saga of a proud family that is told quite wonderfully!

Gabrielle Gallant watches day after day as her mother waits and pines for the return of her loving husband Joseph, Gabrielle's own dear father. It has been thirteen years since his exile which had separated him from his family. Being deeply in love herself, Gabrielle begins to wonder if she too is destined to long for her beloved's return with no chance of happiness.

Captain Jean Bouclaire is forced into a duel that turns tragic which makes him a wanted man. He longs to be with his lovely Gabi but feels she deserves much more than what he, a pirate fleeing the law, can provide her with. Jean desperately wants a life with Gabrielle but realizes he can not fight the inevitable.

The passion is hot and the love plentiful in this wonderful conclusion of Ms Claire's trilogy. It is much more than a romantic tale! The secondary characters are great, particularly a courageous young lady whom will surely one day grow to be an outstanding woman. What about a reunion with Joseph Gallant? Well you will have to read this book yourself to find that out. If you have not read this trilogy you don't know what you're missing!

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