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Cradle Of Filth Biography

Cradle Of Filth Started In The Summer Of 1991. Their Line-Up Included Dani (Vocals), Paul Ryan (Guitar), John Richard (Bass), Benjamin Ryan (Keyboards) and Darren (Drums).

Cradle Of Filth Recorded Their First Demo In 1992 Called "Invoking The Unclean". They Later Went On To Record A Demo Entitled "Orgastic Pleasures". This Was With The Addition Of Robin On Guitar. A Little While Later Robin Left Claiming He Was "On Their Path". He Later Returned To Play Bass After John Left. Paul Allender Then Joined Paul Ryan On Guitar. In December Of '93, Cradle Made A Demo Entitled "Total Fucking Darkness". Dani Described It As "The Only Important Demo We Did."

Cradle Of Filth Then Signed With Cacophonous Records. Darren Left The Band And Nicholas Took Over On Drums. "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh" Was Released In April Of '94. The Album Has Sold About 32,000 Copies. Brothers Paul And Benjamin Ryan Were Forced To Leave The Band Soon After Because They Failed To Get On With The Band On A Personal Level.

Cradle Released The Mini CD "Vempire Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein" In '96 With New Guitarist Stuart And New Keyboarder Damien. Jared Demeter Was A Session Guitarist For This Album Because Guitarist Brian Hipp (A.K.A Gian Pyres) Was In A Serious Car Accident And Had To Be Flown Back To Berlin To Have An Extensive Operation On His Leg.
On November 18, '96, Cradle Of Filth Signed With Music For Nations. They Later Released The Album "Dusk And Her Embrace".

Keyboarder Damien Left The Band Due To Discrepancies On The Music's Direction, And Was Replaced By New Keyboradist Les "Lecter" Smith. Soon After This, The Band's Fourth Official Release "Cruelty And The Beast" Was Spawned.

In 1999, Long Time Cradle Drummer Nicholas Barker Left The Band. The Band Went Through Multiple Drummers In Attempts To Find A Replacement For Nicholas (Though You'll Almost Never Find A Drummer Of His Caliber) And Has Finally Settled With Adrian Erlandsson. They Then Released Their New EP "From The Cradle To Enslave", Along With The Video "PanDaemonAeon". But Soon After This Release Guitarist Stuart Anstis And Keyboardist Les "Lecter" Smith Left The Best With The Reason Being "Escalating Personal And Musical Differences" Between The Memebers. Gian Pyres Has Rejoined The Band After A Short Leave, And Guitarist Paul Allender Has Returned To The Band On A More Permanent Basis.

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