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From Rictor Norton

Subj: Re: Ulrichs
Date: 6/27/00 4:31:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

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Rictor Norton I attach a photo of myself (taken by my mate) beside Ulrichs' grave. The sexton led me straight to it (though I believe he thought I was a scholar of Latin ...). If you want to use the photo, the caption could be: "Gay historian Rictor Norton made his pilgrimage to Ulrichs' grave on May 21, 2000."

Palazzo Persichetti I also went to look at the two places he lived in [Palazzo Franchi; Palazzo Persichetti] in L'Aquila, which is a really lovely town, with lovely squares. I also attach a photo of Palazzo Persichetti.

Best wishes for your celebrations,
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