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The banners appearing here were done by Ulrichs' enthusiasts; the background was created by Codi Pendence of the StoneWall Society

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs was completely unknown to me before I read your website....It just occurred to me how I can help your movement. I am fluent in both Spanish and French; would you like [something] translated? I shed real tears for Ulrichs when [I read] he died

I was very touched by your web site...Our own longtime lesbian daughter came out to us a second time as a transsexual, and we now have a new son. I have shifted from gay rights to being a trans rights activist...If possible, we will find someone interested in reading some of Ulrichs' works and speaking to our chapter (of PFLAG) about his life and work at our regular meeting in August 2000

Bill Brown's (MetroG) banner

I have made copies (of the web site) and will send it around....This is a very important event and piece of history that many people should be aware of...I am not gay but have friends and family who are and which I am very close with. I support gay right whole heartily

I will do a butterfly garden. I have been very active with a mother who has been out since 1990 I will do this work...It's part of my soul now, can't go back...I know you understand

I will be going ahead (and sending the site to) the ACLU lists and several others like it...Seems like Karl Ulrichs was quite a chap

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am the proud mother of a 20 year old gay son and I am sending your website on to him and to many others...This was inspiring. I am a very proud gay rights activist (co-chair of this PFLAG chapter)...I am so proud and honored to have now learned about Heinrich Ulrichs -- you have educated masses. Bless you two Dear Men

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sending me this (website) and opening my eyes to Ulrichs' life and legacy...I'll be passing this information on to many people

I love the idea of your research into this significant history. As a mother of a gay teen, I am very grateful

Harlan Godes' (TVL Express) banner

You know what you are doing is making's an idea whose time has come! Let there be light!!!

Wow! Fabulous! Ulrichs is such an under-recognized figure in our history

Harlan Godes' (TVL Express) banner

It is so profound to know that someone stood up so long ago to be heard!....You have given me new found energy and hope toward our cause

I will mark my calendar on Aug 28th and make it a special day in his memory

What can I say? I am speechless. I am amazed

Really enjoyed reading about Karl Ulrichs! Great man, and it makes me proud of my homosexuality and my German ancestry as well!
--Mark H.

It's wonderful to get to know more gay role models...I shall be forwarding your message to my friends and acquaintances

Very cool... I guess you are like the ultimate activist...

Codi Dependence's banner

This seems very scholarly and I have no reason to doubt it except for the fact that nobody I know has ever heard of this guy or the associated events in history and if it happened and ceased to be remembered for many decades, how can we validate it or celebrate it?...It cannot be anything but uplifting to read
--Alan & Steve [Select this link for Mike & Paul's reply]

I don't know how you got my address and at first was prepared to dismiss your letter as spam. I deleted you. Today, as I rummaged around in my old email and was doing some cleaning up, I reread your letter and opened your web page. That was about a half hour ago. Thank you for the hours and years of effort you have put into this project. Your page is truly inspirational, interesting and easy to use (even on Webtv). I could assume that if you reached me then you must have found everyone but I think that I won't take that chance and will forward your letter to a few people that I am sure won't want to miss it

I didn't realize how much of his work and life was dedicated so "Mother Theresa-ly". I am going to forward your email to a mailing list of Filipino lesbians as well as to other gay friends throughout the country to inform, enlighten, and hopefully inspire as you did with me

Thank you for introducing me to this fascinating man...We all need to be reminded...I will forward this to friends...and plan some remembrance

I am not gay. But I do have friends who are, and I feel they have every right I love goes out to all those who are trying to gain (their) rights. Thank you for speaking out

I am not gay myself but I had to comment on this. Ulrichs' speech made one of the big differences in the history of humans, not only do I think that he might help pull us out of the caves and our stone age way of thinking, but I also think he pointed to a very important thing, the individual's right to choose who to love, what to think and what to do. Therefore, even though I am heterosexual, his speech meant something to me, too; it meant more freedom, and that is much more valuable than a thousand revolutions
--Brian L.

The idea to celebrate Ulrichs is wonderful
--Wolfgang K.

After reading your message and your Web Site and being knocked over by the information re: Ulrichs, I just couldn't begin this message addressing it to "Mr. Nash". I do not yet know where all this fits for me, but I have this feeling, for the first time in my life, that I have an urge to belong to a "Fan Club". Thank you...for bringing this inspirational man's work into the light. I anticipate getting to know brother Ulrichs...I copied your message and sent it on to two dozen gay friends. Thank you very much for bringing forth to all of us, this true, gay hero

Isn't it incredible how much we take for granted. Our lives are a bit easier because someone was willing to sacrifice themselves to make it happen. This is not just for gay life but all of society
--Steven S.

For someone to stand up and fight for what he believed in, especially that long ago when the idea of anyone being involved in a same-sex relationship was almost as bad as murder, is awesome
--Nathan M.

If there are people working on ideas like yours, then there is still a hope

A person who stood up for his inalienable rights in the name of all homosexuals: with courage, action, the law, self-evidence -- more people should do the same

I forwarded the site to 23 of my friends

I am a professor of music and a composer. If you are familiar with Ulrichs works, can you recommend some texts that I might consider to set to music?

Thanks for the notice, I appreciate it as this takes place on my Birthday!

Thank you for this beautiful website and instilling in me even more gay pride

[Ulrichs] will now be the inspiration for myself...I will be encouraging others to both read and espouse the virtues of this man who did not stand alone but rather stood above the public in his attempts at recognition and respect of our nature
--John R.

You have indeed stirred my imagination! One subtext I see that gives me great joy is that you two are still together 27 years later. That is also cause for celebration. I am also pleased that it was the recent World AIDS day when you updated this site

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