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Goodbye Mr. Marras

Amerigo Marras at Ulrichs' grave

Amerigo Marras, who visited Ulrichs' grave in L'Aquila on August 28, 1999, died October 14 of a brain lesion in Nice, France. He was 52.

Marras, a Gay activist since the early 70's, was partially responsible for building and archiving the records of the Gay Liberation Front and of the Gay Activists Alliance. These records, which represent the history of the first two organizations born out of the Stonewall Riots of 1969, are now stored in the New York Public Library.

Also thanks to Marras, who was a dual national of Italy and Canada, the Canadian Gay Movement got its foothold. The activist newspaper The Body Politic, the Glad Day Bookstore, and the first Canadian Gay Pride organization all got started in his home in Toronto.

Marras was an accomplished architect. He had been one of Max Consoli's friends since 1980.

Select this link for Massimo Consoli's emails (initial and subsequent [letters of condolence]) in the original languages.

Goodbye, Amerigo Marras
Thank You!

Gallery of Heroes: Marras (Consoli Archives, Rome)

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