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L'Aquila Photos (1)

Max, Daniel, Wolfgang, Jochen Wolfram Hans-Peter, Thomas, Kurt (Graz) Stefan, Peter (Berlin) Graz group: Hans-Peter, Kurt, Thomas Wolfram captures the Graz group Massimiliano, Wolfram, Thomas, Anselmo (looking into Persichetti mausoleum)

cypress trees tower over Wolfram Mike & Max (Jochen by Persichetti mausoleum) Gabriele, Peter, Stefan, Kurt, Hans-Peter, Thomas, Wolfgang, Jochen Paul, Peter, Stefan, Wolfram, Hans-Peter, Wolfgang Thomas, Kurt, Max, Daniel, Jochen Massimiliano, Jochen, Daniel with Max, Anselmo; Thomas, Kurt, Hans-Peter (front); Paul, Peter, Stefan Paul, Peter, Stefan, Wolfram, Kurt, Thomas

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