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by the fountain

After the ceremony at the cemetery, most folks agreed to meet by a fountain. Then the walk began. Finding a place to eat was no small matter. One after the other, the restaurants could not accomodate so many people. There were about 15 persons to seat. No one was willing to break up the party. That was just fine with everyone!

Let's eat Needless to say, an eatery with enough space and seats was found. The room was filled by the group. Pizza of all sorts was served -- sandwich style! Everyone talked over beer, coffee, and cola.

Mangiamo!It was here that Marino Porta, from Bari, Italy, said he had found out about the event just 10 days prior. With him, he had a color printout of the French version of the Ulrichs' CELEBRATION 2000 webpage.

It was also the time that Hans-Peter Weingand, from Graz, Austria, told about his continuing Ulrichs' research in L'Aquila. Hans-Peter recently discovered the hospital in which Ulrichs died: the city hospital on Piazza Basilio.

It was getting late; the party had to break up. No one wanted that day to end. It was one no one will forget.

A great time was had by all.


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