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“Some people, moved by malice and excessive envy, have accused Spain of having brought dominion over the whole of the New World at no greater outlay of fortune than the expenditure of stupid and persistent madmen.”

- Garcilasco de la Vega

     Calderon’s Company is a group of “living-history” volunteers based at De Soto National Memorial, in Bradenton, Florida. The organization is named after Captain Pedro Calderón, who was left in charge of the base camp and port with approximately 100 soldiers and sailors, when Hernando de Soto began his entrada into La Florida in June of 1539. Members of the company have since 1993 researched, constructed arms and armor, and portrayed the garrison life of these sixteenth-century conquistadors in the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, Calderon’s Company has done public demonstrations at the De Soto Winter Encampment site in Tallahassee and at various State Parks and museums throughout Florida. As well, the group also frequently participates as an artillery unit at sixteenth century reenactments in St. Augustine.

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De Soto 2000  The 16th Century Spanish equivalent of the ACW "Gettysburg," well, with 100 living historians at least!

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