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By Fallen Angel

Megan : my right hand,foot,arm,ect.=) Most of the graphics you will see here and alot of imput and suggestions have been by you. You are definately a co-webmistress here, even though you might think not for the fact I do the main work. One of these days,our site will be awesome. Until then, let's have fun. And maybe one of these days I'll be in Virginia and you'll be in Miami.................*giggles*

Lil Fury : the patron saint of Rey Web Sites. =) My mentor and buddy. May you have lots of luck with Flyin Fury and remember, Peace/Love/Rey.

My "family" : Thank you sooooooooo much for all you do. You all know who you are. =) We { Megan and myself } adore you guys. You've helped us sooo much without you even knowing. May we ALL still be like this past the millenium { with NO blown up computers..... LOL}.

Aye,Brother J,and Sara : the BEST and I mean, BEST board moderators in the entire world wide web. And not to mention , one heck of a group of family members. =)

Loco, of : The BEST webmistress I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Wonder why there is always at least 1 locostuff sign at wrestling shows? Go there and find out. 'Nuff said.

My Rey Girls : { Laura,Tina,Lil Fury,Valet.....} May one of these days Rey could end up on a deserted island. And only us would know where that island is. =P

And Last,but certainly not least,

Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. : Now I doubt you guys will ever see this, but I figured I had to put this on my thank yous. You both have families , with wives and Rey, your ADORABLE little boy. I know it has to be hard staying away from them for long periods of time. You both also risk your bodies day after day for our enjoyment. So , what I'm trying to say is....................


Without you two , this site would not be possible.