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Nitro 8-21-00

Impromptu Match: Rey/Juvi/Disco vs Jindrack( Yes I spelt it right!)/O'Hare/Sanders NON TITLE (caused by NBT running their mouthes)

Juvi and Rey are going up against Jindrack and O'Haire. Juvi goes off the top rope, but O'Haire just catches him and plants him to the mat. O'Haire covers but only gets a two count. Jindrack and O'Haire leap frog Juvi, and then clothesline him. Jindrack goes off the rope, but Juvi brings him to the ground, Rey is tagged in, and hits an over the rope legdrop on Jindrack. Rey hits a drop-kick on Jindrack, and tags in the Disco Inferno, Disco hits a leg drop on Jindrack, and follows with a swinging neckbreaker on Jindrack. Disco knocks Sanders on the side, and goes away, Sanders gets tagged in. Disco is the victim of a pumphandle suplex by Sanders, Sanders and O'Haire hit a double kick on Disco, O'Haire covers Disco, but only gets a two count. Disco brings Jindrack down with a Russian leg sweep and tags in Juvi. Juvi hits a springboard spinning heel kick on Jindrack, and goes up and hits him with the ten punches of death. Juvi taunts the Natural Born Thrillers in the corner, while Juvi goes back and hits a Frankensteiner on Jindrack, Jindrack kicks out at two. Rey goes up top, but O'Haire kicks Rey off the rope. Jindrack hits a huge vertical suplex on Juvi, tags in Sanders who hits a guillotine leg drop. O'Haire covers Rey, only for a two count, O'Haire hits a sit down powerbomb on Rey, Disco makes the save, Rey hits a hurracanrana on Jindrack, and follows up with a tag to Juvi who hits a head scissors take over, Juvi tags Disco, Disco hits Sanders, Rey hits the bronco buster on Sanders, Disco DDT's O'Haire, Bronco buster for O'Haire, Juvi drop-kicks Jindrack, Tygress comes in and bronco busts Jindrack, Reno is sent down. Disco sets Sanders up for the low blow leg drop, Jindrack and Rey go outside, Sanders hits a reverse neckbreaker on Disco for the win, Sanders brings Tygress in, and O'Haire hits the Seanton bomb on Tygress.

Winners: Natural Born Thrillers

Thanks to and Tyler Riggs for the results

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Rey's Room