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YEMAYA - THE GREAT MOTHER We are placing this page to honor our MOTHER - YEMAYA.

YEMAYA is called the GREAT MOTHER because she is the Mother of many of the ORISHAS. She is also called the great mother due to her great COMPASSION for mankind. We are creating this page to do just homage to this great ORISHA.

We invite you to get to know our Mother. She has given us great spiritual peace. She is always there to protect us and nuture us. Her immensity is boundless and so is her compassion. Don't be fooled, she is also a great Warrioress, and defends her children valiantly, just as any good mother would do.

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Legend has it that our wonderful Yemaya originally came from Egypt. The legend goes that those that came from Egypt were guided across the desert by the Sun god, Olorun. Reportedly, those that arrived in west Africa brought with them their religion, where ISIS received a new name - YEMAYA. Could it be that the true Mysteries of ISIS were taken to west Africa? We know from history that there were Nubian slaves in Egypt. Is is possible that these people when they returned to a different part of Africa, they carried with them the greatest treasure of Egypt?

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One tends to forget that Egypt is part of Africa. One of the greatest civilizations ever known was born in Africa. Mother Africa has kept her secrets for thousands of years. Now, at last, these secrets are being shared with the world, as more and more learn to appreciate the value of african spirituality. Notice that ISIS was deeply associated with the Nile river. Likewise, all of the african female Orishas are associated with rivers. There are other correspondences with the other Orishas and Egyptian dieties. Strange that some people would wait hours to see an exhibition of Egyptian artifacts, but totally reject as primitive a religion that is of direct descent.


How are the ANCIENT ONES worshipped? With ceremonies sacrifices, and music and dance. Just as ISIS was worshipped with sacred dance, so is Yemaya. The rhythmic drumming calls the Orishas, and they do come. They take possession of their worshipers and then speak directly to them, giving warnings, cures and other timely advice. This is how the Mysteries of ISIS were integrated into their new environment. In Greece, the same Mysteries evolved in a slightly different form at the great Oracles, such as Delphi. Just as the different species of animal life evolves and indeed human kind has evolved, so spiritual currents have their evolution also. The Mysteries of Africa have also evolved in the New World. Slight variations on the same theme. In our new age, it is becoming ever more evident that the Ancient Mysteries are indeed more relevant than ever. Mankind is rediscovering its roots.

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