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"How high I aim
How much I see
How far I reach
Depends on me.
If you can imagine it
You can achieve it
If you can dream it
You can become it.
Stick to the fight
When you're hardest hit,
It's when things seem worst
That you mustn't quit.
Think freely, feel deeply, reach for the sky. You have failed only when you have failed to try.
Welcome love, dream dreams, wish upon a star. The best part of you is who you really are.
When you reach for your dreams, no matter what they may be, you grow from the reaching,
you learn from the trying, and you win from the doing."
--Laine Parsons

  • 5-7 
  • lives in Johnson City, TN
  • born July 3,1982 
  • was a swimmer for University of Florida
  • was a member of the Bolles High School Team 10th-12th  
  • was a Co-Captain of 1999-2000 Bolles team 
  • Favorite color is blue 
  • Loves to go fishing with her father 
  • enjoys being lazy and watching movies on weekends
  • loves to cook and enjoys trying new recipes 
  • will eat almost anything 
  • enjoys baking, especially for other people 
  • loves Andy Griffith Show
  • credits God for her accomplishments

Quote of the month:

If you practice with emotion and purpose, you will compete with passion and confidence.


Jenna's Meets and Results



  • SUMMER NATIONALS- 3rd, 200m breast, 8th 100m breast

  • JUNIOR NATIONALS- 1st, 200y breast, 2nd, 100 y breast

  • US OPEN- 6th, 100m breast, 2nd 200m breast


  • SUMMER NATIONALS- 1st, 200m breast, 5th 100m breast

  • PAN PAC-7th , 100m breast

  • WORLD- 3rd, 200m breast, 1st, 400m MRp


  • SPRING NATIONALS- 2nd, 200m breast

  • SUMMER NATIONALS- 6th, 100m breast, 2nd, 200m breast, 6th 200IM, 400 IM

  • Florida Female Swimmer of the Year for Long Course


  • Florida Female Swimmer of the Year for Long Course


  • OLYMPIC TRIALS-7th, 200m breast

  • SPRING NATIONALS- 8th, 100m breast


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Jenna's Theme Song: Right Now by Van Halen

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