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The Story Behind The Pictures

During the week days Monday through Thursday I use to live in Tampa Floirda while I was finsihing college at USF. During those days I worked out at a local Gold's Gym that was close by my apartment. One day I bumped into Bryan Adams while I was there. I talked to him for a bit and he told me about how he was gonna becoming back soon and teaming with Wrath and doing a tag team gimic. It was a short conversation I didn't want to bug him while he was working out so when I got home I emailed IWZ and a few other news boards that I get my news from and had them post my story about meeting Bryan and about what he told me about coming back and teaming with Wrath. Well they posted it and the weekend past by and I went back up to Tampa for another week of classes. So I wentback to Gold's and bumped into Brayn again who asked if I wrote about him on the net cuz his wife came across it I said yes and he told me how I was suppose to say how jacked up and strong he was looking and I left that out so we started to laugh and I began to talk with him and ask him dozens of questions which I posted below the next picture. After we got done talking I asked to take a picture with him for my web site he said sure and then said take a few more so ya can post the best one. Bryan was a real class act and next to Mike Awesome he's the nicest wrestler I have ever meet and I have meet upward of around 50 or 60 he took the time to talk with me about all sorts of wrestling topics and even take some pictures with me. The guy is massive in person you can't really appreciate it from watching him on TV I mean I'm not a small guy and he just dwarfs me standing next to him. At the time I couldn't wait to see him return to the ring, now he is back and teaming with Brain Clark aka Wrath and rocking the tag team division in WCW as Kronic. I hope to see them get some gold down the line cuz they really deserve it but for now and always Adams will be the true people champ of Tampa Florida!!!

The Interview

Ok ok here's the deal. I did an interview with Bryan back in October/November of 1999. Well I sent it out to around 50 newsboards and had them post it. Not thinking at the time I didn't save a copy for myself so I will not be able to post the interview :( but I will write down a few bits of info that he said and I remember.

I asked Bryan about alot of things and one of them was about my favorite wrestler Shawn Michaels. I asked Bryan what he thought of him and if he was really disliked in the back stage area like I had read on numerous newsboards. I also asked him if the kilq was real and if Michaels in fact was in on the 1997 Survivor Series screw job on Bret Hart. Here is what Bryan had to say, and I also asked him how he felt about his matches he had with Michaels like at the 1993 King of the Ring where Doink cost him the match.

Adams: As far as Shawn is concerned Bryan liked the guy and said he didn't really like the match he had with Shawn at the King of The Ring. He said the best match he had with Shawn was never aired on TV. It happened in Europe and was on a WWF Supertape that featured him on the cover pressing Shawn over his head. As far as Doink goes Bryan said he never had a good match with him. Bryan said the kliq was in fact real and kinda ran the WWF backstage area for almost 2 years. Bryan said he wasn't around much during that time period. He said he was back in Hawaii getting into trouble when the kliq was around. I remember reading once on a newsboard that Bryan got arrested for having semi automatic machine guns and steroids sent to his house, so I mentioned that to him and asked if that was the trouble he was reffering to. Bryan laughed and said it was blown out of proportion on the net. Bryan said he was getting ready to come back to the WWF and wanted to do a quick cycle (steroids) to gain some size so he would look good. So he ordered it from over in Europe and when it came through customs it was intercepted and when it arrived at his house he was arrested. As far as the guns on Bryan said he had a gun in his house but had permits for it and it wasn't semi automatic. I asked him if he still lived in Hawaii and he said no but at the time of his arrest he did live their while he was opening a gym. Bryan went on to say that Marc (the Undertaker) was the guy who told him he should move to Tampa. Bryan and Taker are pretty good friends and play golf together from time to time in Tampa since Marc lives their as well. The subject then went back to Shawn Michaels and I asked if he was in on the Survivor Series screw job. Bryan said yeha he knew about it and what was gonna go down. Bryan said Shawn, Bret and Taker were in the same locker room and he walked in after the whole deal went down to get Taker. Bryan said Shawn was crying to Bret saying how he had no idea that was going to happen and sitting next to Shawn was Taker. Taker went to get up and leave and Shawn tugged at Takers pants leg motioning for him to sit back down cause he didn't want to be alone with Bret. Bryan said that all the guys in the back really think Shawn was in on it and don't buy the whole I didn't know act.

I then asked Bryan how he got into wrestling and he told me about how he started out in Japan and wrestled there for a few years. I mentioned to him that wrestling is totally different over in Japan and that mic skills won't get you anywhere. Bryan agreed and said that is why a guy like Scott Norton gets over so well there. Bryan said he just fits in perfect over there. The subject then went back to the WWF and I asked him speaking of mic skills what he thought of the Rock. Bryan said he's a good guy and that he gives one hell of an interview. He said that he remembered when the Rock first started he couldn't understand why he couldn't get over with the fans. Bryan said how the fans are different these days and that back in the early 90's late 80's the Rock's original gimic of a Mr. All American Football star would of gotten him over big time but it didn't. He said the Rock was really frustrated wanting to know what he had to do to get over. I then mentioned Kurt Angle since we were talking about guys with that Mr. All American type gimic. I said how surprised I was that they made him a heel. Bryan siad it was a really smart move. Bryan then went on to say the fans basically decide the direction a character will take like with the Rock being Mr. All American and not getting over and then joining the NOD, but with Angle it played well to have him come out as a heel 1 2 3. At the time of this interview 3 Count was not in WCW yet and I asked Bryan if that was going to be a faction/group in WCW and if they were going to have the Backstreet Boys type angle that I read on the net they would. Now getting back to the whole heel/face thing Bryan told me that he spoke with Jimmy Hart who was coming up with theme music for the group and teaching them dance moves and said that the group will only take off and get over if they are made heels. Bryan said if they were brought in as faces it would never work. Bryan then sighed and said but then again you can never tell now a days what will and won't get over the fans are just hard to read. I mentioned Steve Austin and said take him for example that guy has heel written all over him and the fans in a way forced Bret to turn heel because Austin was getting such a huge face pop when he would face Hart. Bryan agreed with me. We talked more about alot of things that would now be considered old news and boaring but for the most part this is some of the more interesting parts of the interview I did with him. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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