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ODA Enterprises

Electrical equipment for the Pyrotechnician and Special Effects professional.

Continuity Tester

This small continuity tester is roughly the size of a half dollar, it has a 3 volt lithium battery which should last five years+, and an LED. The measured current thru a typical match and lighting the LED is less than 10 mA. Although well below the 50 mA max. test limit, all precautions should be taken. All personnel should be distant from devices under test.

Blasting Box 8.7 joules

A small but powerful Capacitive Discharge unit used to remotely fire one or more electric matches. Ideally suited for firing fronts containing 25-30 matches in series. Approximately 1" X 2" X 3", constructed of durable ABS plastic. It uses 2 'AA' batteries (easily replaced by sliding off the back cover), which charges an internal capacitor to 300+ volts. The charge time is 6-8 seconds with new batteries. When the power switch is in the off position the unit will self discharge to a safe level in 2 seconds.

10 Q/CD Firing System

The 10 Q/CD is ideally suited for firing fronts. It can remotely fire 10 separate cues. Each of these cues may be a single Electric Match (EM), or 25-30 EM's in series. The unit uses 2 'C' cells to power both the internal continuity tester and the capacitive discharge power source. This CD power source increases the voltage to 300+ volts (rated at 8.7 joules). Typically the 10 Q/CD is connected to an ODA 10 position slat with a 100 foot cable. The EM's are then attached to the slat.

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