Gesture Makers
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Big Dawg's
( bytes)
Gotta register this :)
Don't ask me for a crack - ok ? :)
Big Dawg's
( bytes)
Here's an older BigDawg's that doesn't need registering :)
( bytes
Doesn't need registration
Max wav = 30K
New York Joe's Gesture Maker
( bytes)
A very small Gesture Maker :)
Ubique's Gesture Maker
( bytes)
>Ubique's Gesture Maker/Editor/Decompiler
Taliesin's Gest Maker
( bytes)
>The smallest (7K :)) and for Win 3.1 users
Acme Gesture Genie bytes)
Gest Maker (Beta)- Free/64K size Limit on gesture files

Some User Comments about Genie
Acme Gesture Genie 100,077,215 bytes)
A newer version of #7 above - from 'Acme Virtual Chat'
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