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Jerry Springer

Today on Jerry Springer: "My boyfriend is dating my ex-boyfriend who is a vampire"

Jerry: Well um hello everybody, today we have a very special show for you now um :::::looking up at Buffy::::: Everyone this is Buffy Summers.

:::::Cheering from crowd:::::

Buffy: Thank you Jerry.

Jerry: Ok now um if I may ask you, what exactly is your story?

Buffy: Well I'm a Vampire Slayer.

:::::Noises from crowd:::::

Buffy: SHUT UP! Anyways I got involved with Angel who is a vampire and it ended badly. Then I started dating this guy Riley and a few weeks ago I found out they were seeing each other.

Jerry: So let me get this straight. You're here to confront your boyfriend Riley about seeing Angel behind your back?

Buffy: Yeah.

Jerry: Ok, let's bring out Angel and Riley.

:::::Riley and Angel walk out holding hands, Buffy jumps up while Jerry's bodyguards restrain her:::::


Buffy: I hate you, you :::::bleeping out for curse words:::::! How could you do this to me Riley? You're nothing but a :::::bleeping out for curse words::::: And you know what else? :::::more bleeping::::: And that's all I have to say!

:::::Audiance applauds:::::

Angel: Buffy, what can I say? Me and Riley are in love

:::::Buffy jumps up and attacks Angel:::::

Jerry: Ok now everyone let's just settle down now. Buffy, you have a suprise for Riley right?

Buffy: Yes Jerry I do

:::::Parker comes walking out on stage:::::

:::::Audiance boos:::::

Parker: :::::bleeping galore:::::

Riley: Buffy? You're with Parker again?

Buffy: You got a problem with that?

Riley: Yeah cause well, Parker's been joining in with us.

Buffy: What!

:::::Parker gets up and walks toward Angel and Riley:::::

Parker: Sorry babe, I'm taken

:::::the three of them walk out together:::::

Jerry: Well um as a final thought I think we are able to conc-

:::::Buffy jumps on Jerry and starts to make out with him:::::


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