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Buffy/Angel Keepstakes Info

A night in July unlike all the rest...

The night New Tuesday holds a contest.
Mark July 18th 2000 do it twice for good measure...
for this fateful night could be yours to win treasure.

Watch Buffy and Angel like never before
there's treasure to find and it could be yours
we'll give you six clues, we'll hint at each prize
your chance to win will depend on your eyes.

A riddle will guide you and if you are keen
you'll find the treasure in an upcoming scene
once the coveted prize has been aired
logon to this site, come fully prepared.

Your duty from there is to match riddle to treasure
your reward for playing is a chance at the pleasure
of owning an item from your favorite show
and a chance to watch filming from the front row.

Remember dear friend, return to this site
the contest begins next Tuesday night
each riddle matched correctly, each entry you make
is a chance to win the Buffy-Angel Keepstakes.


July 18th 2000, on The WB's New Tuesday, play to win the Buffy-Angel Keepstakes.

- Answer six riddles about objects you see in Buffy and Angel
- The riddles guide you to those objects
- Answer the riddles correctly and that object could be yours
- Watch throughout the night for more clues and riddles
- Register online at for a chance to win

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