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Buffy/Angel Keepstakes

Buffy and Angel Keepstakes Info

Answer's are in Yellow!

A. Key
B. Credit Card
C. Passport
D. Phone
E. Money
F. Visa

A. Darts
B. Crossbow
C. Stake
D. Bat
E. Pool Cue
F. Bottle

A. Dancing Shoes
B. Compass
C. Flashlight
D. Handcuffs
E. Leather Pants
F. Gloves

A. Sunglasses
B. Book of Demons
C. Gag
D. Rope
E. Map
F. Blindfold

A. Box
B. Crystal Ball
C. Ring
D. Crossbow
E. Necklace
F. Ax

A. Amulet
B. Coin
C. Spellbook
D. Watch
E. Clock
F. Cross

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