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Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 1

*Welcome to the Hellmouth*The Harvest*The Witch*Teacher's Pet*Never Kill a Boy on the First Date* The Pack*Angel*I, Robot... You, Jane*The Puppet Show*Nightmares*Out of Mind, Out of Sight (or) Invisible Girl*Prophecy Girl*

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Aired ~ 03/10/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 1

IT's A NEW day at a new school...and hopefully a new life for 16-year-old Buffy Summers. But when a boy winds up dead in a locker of an apparent vampire bite, and the school librarian, Rupert Giles, explains that her new address, Sunnydale, is actually a center for mystical convergence at the mouth of Hell, it isn't long before she realizes that she can't escape her fate as the Slayer. Meanwhile, a vampire named Luke is hatching a plan to release the Master (the vampire-in-chief) from his cell beneath the earth's surface in time for the Harvest–a feeding frenzy that will put an end to us pesky humans and give the world back to the undead. In search of sacrificial lambs for the Master, vampires converge on the local club, the Bronze, and lure some of the kids back to the cemetery. After an awkward "Sorry-I-almost-killed-you--my bad" moment with Cordelia, Buffy forgets about trying to have a normal high school life and rushes to save her new friends Willow, Xander and Jesse from the fang squad. Unfortunately for her, Luke gets the upper hand.

The Harvest

Aired ~ 03/10/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 5

PART TWO OF the series premiere picks up with Buffy narrowly escaping the clutches of Luke after saving her new friends Willow and Xander. It’s too late to rescue another friend, Jesse, who gets inducted into the gang fang courtesy of Darla. The vamps regroup for a late supper at the Bronze, and with Luke serving as the Master’s vessel, each drop of blood he gulps brings the vampire kingpin one step closer to freedom. Before Sunnydale’s resident teen queen Cordelia Chase becomes the main course, however, the Buffster appears on the scene and with a little help from her friends, begins kicking bloodsucking butt and thwarts the Master’s uprising.

The Witch

Aired ~ 03/17/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 0

MUCH TO GILES’ dismay, Buffy decides to take a crack at living a “normal” life and tries out for the cheerleading squad. There she meets Amy Madison, who is overly anxious to relive her mother’s legendary cheerleading past. Neither Buffy nor Amy make the cut, but when the girls on the squad begin to experience various forms of discomfort such as spontaneous combustion, blindness and the loss of a mouth, the Slayer and her friends decide to investigate. With all signs pointing to witchcraft and second-alternate rah-rah Amy, a visit to her home reveals that the opportunistic cheerleader is not exactly who she seems to be.

Teacher's Pet

Aired ~ 03/25/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 2

WHEN THE ONLY teacher who didn’t think Buffy was a felon turns up dead, the hottie sub who replaces him invites Xander over for a night of food and romance. While uncharacteristically hitting the books, Buffy realizes something about the mysterious circumstances surrounding her favorite teacher’s grisly death–Dr. Gregory was killed praying mantis-style, a.k.a. post-coital decapitation. Suddenly Natalie French’s rotating noggin and grasshopper sandwiches make perfect sense. Xander enjoys drinks and a steel cage with Ms. Giant Bug, while Buffy rushes to save Xander from the she-mantis before both his greatest fantasy and worst nightmare come true on the same night.

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Aired ~ 03/31/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 2

WHILE OUT SLAYING, Giles and Buffy discover a ring left behind in a vampire’s dust. The Watcher identifies the ring as a symbol of the Order of Aurelius–a nasty sect of vampires destined to bring the Anointed One to the Master and free him from his underground cell. Buffy’s mind, however, is on Owen Thurman, a cute poetry reader who can brood for 40 minutes straight. Sadly, balancing a social life with her calling proves too difficult when Owen almost inadvertently bites the dust.

The Pack

Aired ~ 04/07/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 0

A FIELD TRIP to the zoo takes a serious turn for the weird when Xander and a group of bullies venture into an off-limits hyena house and become possessed by the animal’s spirit. Emerging as vicious creeps, Giles dismisses Xander’s sudden attitude change as a phase, so Buffy and Willow simply elect to steer clear of him until it passes. When the porky school mascot becomes lunch, however, it’s clear that there’s more to Xander’s nasty disposition than puberty. Tracing the strange behavior back to the zoo, Buffy and Giles hatch a plan to exorcise the hyena, but not before Principal Flutie discovers the dangers of trying to domesticate wild animals.


Aired ~ 04/14/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 4

ANGEL IS INJURED while helping Buffy battle a trio of especially nasty vampires summoned by the Anointed One to extinguishing the Slayer. Returning to Buffy’s place to dress the wounds and recuperate, Angel winds up (innocently) spending the night on her bedroom floor. Romance eventually blossoms, however, but Angel drops his guard and accidentally vamps out after their first kiss. Totally wigged, Buffy tells the vamp to get lost, but Darla frames him by sinking her teeth into Mom Summers, Buffy's confusion toward Angel turns homicidal until about what really happened and learns the story of Angel’s past.

I, Robot... You Jane

Aired ~ 04/28/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 0

GILES’ DISDAIN for computers is justified when Moloch, a sweet-talkin’, neck-snappin’, Nazi-lovin’ demon from the fifteenth century finds new life on the internet. The school’s top computer geeks unwittingly become Moloch’s servants, while Willow unknowingly begins an online romance with him. Concerned that Willow’s email affair may lead to her being murdered by an online circus freak, the rest of the gang investigates her online sweetie and discovers the truth. With the help of technopagan/computer teacher Jenny Calendar, Giles is able to force Moloch off the Net, but not before hi is transferred into a mechanical torso.

The Puppet Show

Aired ~ 05/05/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 0

WHEN A DANCER in the school talent show is murdered, the most logical suspect is Morgan the ventriloquist, because...well, those guys are just plain creepy. But when Morgan is found dead and missing his brain, suspicion turns toward Sid the dummy when he shows up at Buffy’s window. While he admits to trying to kill the Slayer, the truth is that the dummy knows there’s a demon on the loose, and he thought she was it–and if Sid (who also knew a Slayer back in the ‘30s) kills the demon-at-large, his soul will be freed from its dummy shell. Determining that the demon they’re after is harvesting organs, Buffy also learns that Morgan’s wayward gray matter happened to be cancerous. Clearly the killer is still in search of a brain. And Giles’ brain would be a perfect fit.


Aired ~ 05/12/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 0

BUFFY SPROUTS FANGS, Giles for gets how to read, Cordelia has a bad hair day, Willow sings on stage, and Xander is being chased by a demonic clown (is there any other kind?) as the Scooby Gang’s greatest fears come to life. The living nightmares are traced to Billy, a comatose kiddie league second baseman who was early beaten to death after a game. While the tyke’s physical form remains in the hospital, his astral self is roaming the halls of Sunnydale high. When the embodiment of Billy’s fear–the Ugly Man–begins attacking students, Buffy convinces the kid that he has to face his fear to have a chance at beating it.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight or Invisible Girl

Aired ~ 05/19/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 0

IT ISN’T UNTIL Marcy Ross goes from being one of the millions of unnoticed high school students to becoming a truly invisible girl that she begins to get the attention she’s been missing. When invisible Marcy starts smacking around Cordelia’s prom date, attacks one of Cordy’s snobby friends, and nearly asphyxiates Cordy’s favorite teacher, a violent pattern seems to be forming around one of Sunnydale’s most visible students. On the day of the prom, Cordelia winds up minutes from having her faced slashed by the invisible girl, but Buffy is able to save Queen C and expose her attacker. The feds, however, have other plans for Marcy.

Prophecy Girl

Aired ~ 06/02/97
Vampire's Killed ~ 3

IT’S SHADES OF the 1947 harvest when vampire activity in Sunnydale reaches an all-time high and an earthquake rips through the town. Buffy, however, has bigger problems–like finding a prom date–but apocalypse-type trouble lies ahead that has Giles sick with worry. A prophecy says Buffy is about to face the Master in a battle to the death–and lose. Suddenly freaked and scared by the very real possibility of dying at 16, she resigns her post as Slayer. Rather than risk sending Buffy to her death, Giles decides to take his chances and face the Master himself when Buffy reconsiders. Armed with only a crossbow and a prom dress, Buffy journeys to the Master’s lair to meet her destiny.

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