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Welcome to my page of Customs.

Like most customizers, I have always wished that there was a way for the designers to get our input when creating a line of figures. Unfortunately, most of the input comes from the target audience, which is the kids. Little was it realized that the figures would instill creativity in collectors and enthusiasts of all ages.

The logotypes and trademarks, GIJOE, THE ENEMY, and COBRA are trademarks of HASBRO,Inc. The names of the figures and other names of figures and vehicles before customizing are copyright as well to HASBRO,Inc. This site is purely for entertainment purposes, sharing and educating those with an interest in customizing action figures.


Individual Customs

All trademark names, GIJOE, THE ENEMY, AND COBRA are copyright HASBRO, INC. This site is only for pure entertainment and to educate those who are customizers and those who have an interest in learning about our hobby.

These are pictures of custom characters that should have been included in the line.

I have repainted MACE to give him a more covert look. Just a touch-up on the gun holster and his pistol. The teeshirt was done over in O.D. Green. He is accompanied by his driver, PISTON, who makes sure that he is picked up and dropped off for all his undercover missions. In short, PISTON watches his back. The next character is NUGGET, a fellow Dreadknock arms dealer from Austrailia who managed to smuggle out a few firearms before the country's ban. The last figure is GRUEBLER, who took MERCER's place and has surpassed even the Crimson Guards reputation for cruelty. He is thought to be impervious to pain.

Taking the customizing in a different direction. An attempt at creating a few figures that fall in line with Fantasy and Medieval themes. A huge custom job with Downtown's Head, EELS torso, Gristle's waist, Armadillo's arms, and Night Creeper legs. Wicked blade courtesy of my Mrs' Medusa Spawn figure. Unicorn courtesy of Famous Horses.

Other Customs

The stuff that should have been, and for some of us, IS.

Introducing my Newest Custom: Starship Troopers Mobile Infantry

A look at the MI Weapons:

A few extra characters that add a bit of realism to my custom universe:

Forrester is an Embassy Marine Guard with a wealth of experience and duty. Wrench is a biker who also has the unparalleled reputation as the best mechanic ever fix a tranie. He is coveted by Joe and Cobra alike.

Other Customs

After whetting my appetite for dioramas and dio-stories with the ALIENS Colonial Marine project, I have been flooded with ideas of creating a few Dio-stories using not only my existing GIJOES and COBRAS, but including a few cameos and cross-overs of my newly created and most interesting customs. Here is a small preview of what I have in store....


Dreadnok Hideout

NEW: Snake Eye's Cabin

Capolan's Custom Colonial Marines

Lara Croft: On The Trail of a Cat-PART ONE

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