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DTA - Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures taken during a session at Dunedin Taekwondo Academy ...

Stretching...the key to flexible muscles Stretching...a mandatory warmup exercise

Stretching is a mandatory warmup exercise, and a key element in developing flexible muscles.

Bag Drill...Giving the bag all you got is a great stress reliever ! Bag Drill...Bags don't hit back.. so you can beat them up as much as you like !

Bag Drills are a great way to sweat it out and give your hands and legs a tremendous workout. The exercise is also a good stress reliever, and is perfectly safe as BAGS DON'T HIT BACK !

Takedowns Light contact sparring

Takedowns & Light contact sparring are practised to practically apply the knowledge of Taekwondo as one would in an actual fight... And YEAH, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER IN TAEKWONDO !

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