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Who can learn Taekwondo ?

A Picture Of Master Lemmin and his son

Age is not a restriction when it comes to studying the Martial Arts. The students at DTA vary in age from 4 to 50, and come from various walks of life. For the working adults Taekwondo is a great stress reliever which helps them unwind after a tiring day at work. As for the children, it helps in inculcating a sense of discipline and integrity at an early stage, thereby enabling them to perform better at school and in other sporting activities. Learning Taekwondo can actually be a family activity. At DTA quite a few parents attend the sessions along with their children. This enables them to share a common interest and pursue a unified goal together. Taekwondo as an activity can be tiring and a little painful for the various muscle groups of the body [ NO PAIN NO GAIN !!! ]. However it is by no means unsafe or harmful as it is commonly perceived to be. At DTA it is a safe sport taught in a controlled environment.

The pictures you see on this page show some of the 'Parent-Children' teams [ Mother-Son, Mother-Daughter, Father-Daughter ] of DTA. We recommend that you pay us a visit to meet our students, and to get a first hand feel of the atmosphere and the nature of the training imparted.


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