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About Dunedin Taekwondo Academy

'Dunedin Taekwondo Academy' is a school of Taekwondo located in the city of Dunedin, FL. The school was founded almost a decade ago by Master James Lemmin, a sixth degree black belt and a reknowned exponent of the art. DTA is affiliated to the 'South Eastern Region USA CHANG MOO KWAN association for Taekwondo' . The school has a number of well qualified and friendly instructors who make learning Taekwondo a pleasurable activity. Under the able guidance of Master Lemmin, DTA is today recognized as one of the leading centers in it's region for learning Taekwondo.

DTA currently has an enviable student strength. The students vary in age from 4 to 50, and the sessions are scheduled to meet the convenience of both students and working people. The homely atmosphere created inside the school plays a very important role in keeping the students motivated throughout their training program. Separate classes are conducted on a daily basis for adults and children. It is a pleasure to watch the kids in action, and their flexibility often leaves one wondering whether their bodies have any BONES in them at all. The picture on the right shows Master Lemmin instructing his daughter during one of the kids sessions.... Look at the height of that kick for one so small !!! . At DTA everybody feels like being a part of one big family that is unified in it's goal of learning all that Taekwondo has to offer.

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