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Belt Levels & Meanings

In Taekwondo and most other Martial arts, the belt worn by a student reflects his/her current level of proficiency. The colour of each belt bears a significant meaning which is relevant to the corresponding stage of learning. We at 'Dunedin Taekwondo Academy' follow the 'Belt Scheme' presented in the table below. Testings are held once is 2 months to check the skills attained by the students, and to promote them to the next higher rank.

White represents 'Purity' and a 'clean slate'. The practitioner in this level has no knowledge of Taekwondo.
Yellow represents a rise in energy as from the sun, and maturity as from the yellowing of the grain
Orange represents the transition stage for the 'Beginner' student.
Green represents a growth in power as the green plant grows upwards.
Purple represents the transition stage for an intermediate student.
Blue represents the sky, a continued upward attainment.
Red represents 'Danger' ! The practitioner has power, and must learn to control it.
Red & Black represents a recommended Black belt. The color black is the combination of all colors, and indicates a mastery of them.
Full Black represents a confirmed black belt. The grand masters of the art refer to this stage as the true beginning when one starts to build on the knowledge gained to achieve indomitable excellence.

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