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Dave Clark's Time -- The Musical


Highlighted in red
(or blue if you've visited them before)
are "The Theme From 'Time'"
and "Beauty, Truth, Love Freedom, Peace"
They have been included in their entirety!
Featuring Laurence Olivier as Akash
from the soundtrack of the musical

You will need Quicktime to hear the songs.
After listening to each song
hit your back-browser to return to this page.

  • 1. Born To Rock'n'Roll
  • 2. Time Talkin'
  • 3. Time
  • 4. Music of the Spheres/Law of the Universe
  • 5. The Time Lord Theme
  • 6. The Charge
  • 7. One Human Family
  • 8. What On Earth
  • 9. I Know, I Know
  • 10. Your Brother In Soul
  • 11. Case For The Prosecution
  • 12. StarMaker
  • 13. Time Will Teach Us All
  • 14. I Object
  • 15. In My Defense
  • 1. Within My World
  • 2. Because
  • 3. Move The Judge
  • 4. She's So Beautiful
  • 5. Beauty, Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace
  • 6. If You Only Knew
  • 7. We're The UFO
  • 8. The Theme From "Time"
  • 9. Harmony
  • 10. The Return
  • 11. It's In Every One Of Us

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    For more songs check out the Dave Clark Five website.
    A few more songs from Time are on the last page of the jukebox.
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    I have attempted to zip the files and e-mail them, but they make a file that is over 100MB, which is too large for almost all e-mail systems (my own included).

    Words from "The Theme From Time"


    Stand before me on the Sign of Infinity all you of the Earth. With the granting of "The Law of Probenation" comes the application of change. I will give you the key. And with this knowledge, please realize, comes the responsibility of sharing it. I will show you the way: (It's very simple). Throughout the Universe there is order. In the movement of the planets ... in nature ... and in the functioning of the human mind. A mind that is in its natural state of order is in harmony with the Universe, and such a mind is timeless. Your life is an expression of your mind. You are a creator of your own Universe, for as a human being you are "free to will" whatever state of being you desire through the use of your thoughts and words.

    There is great Power there.

    It can be a blessing or a curse.

    It's entirely up to you, for the quality of your life is brought about by the quality of your thinking. Think about that. Thoughts produce actions. See the pettiness and the envy and the greed and the fear and all the other attitudes that cause you pain and discomfort. Realize that the one thing you have absolute control over is your attitude. See the effect that it has on those around you, for each life is linked to all Life and your words carry with them chain reactions like a stone that has been thrown into a pond. If your thinking is in order, your words will flow directly from the heart, creating ripples of love. If you truly want to change your world, my friends, you must change your thinking. Reason is your greatest tool. It creates an atmosphere of understanding which leads to caring which is Love. Choose your words with care. Go forth ... with Love.

    Words from "Beauty, Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace"


    Beauty ... Truth ... Love ... Freedom ... Peace ... These are your ideals. There is not one person on the entire Planet Earth who, in his right mind, doesn't want these in his life. So ... where do you go wrong? To find the solution, we must first identify the problem. Perhaps you wonder how much "free will" you have when you see yourself, for example, saying and doing hurtful things that you don't really mean. Why can't you seem to stop? You want to, you try to, your intentions are good. Is it habit or is it lack of understanding that keeps you bound to the pull of destruction? The mineral sources of energy upon your planet are almost depleted and yet the two greatest sources of energy remain almost untapped -- the sea and the sun. Furthermore, you seem content to allow the aggression of the weak by the strong. You seem content to allow a great part of your world to starve whilst for economics' sake food is left to rot or be destroyed. You seem content to allow the obscenity of the maimed and crippled who have to cope with broken lives after each confrontation of force. Your East and West have never even made the effort to conquer the basics necessary for people of different cultures to exist in harmony; that is, to respect your opposite's culture -- and what is more important -- their way of thinking. Even in your own life your thinking is not in order. These facts do not inspire confidence, do they?


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    Unfortunately, the only album that was recorded was the concept album. No cast album was ever made. The concept album was only released on record and audio tape and went out of print before CD's were popular. Therefore, it was never transferred onto CD and has never been available in this format. MP3's had not yet been invented when the music went out of print so it is likewise not available.
    The records and audio tapes have been out of print since the late 1980's and cannot be found or purchased except in private collections.
    Occasionally people who have contacted this site have been able to find copies on eBay or similar auction sites. If you are interested in getting a copy of the record or audio tape for yourself you might try there.
    Good luck!