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Dave Clark's Time -- The Musical

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DAVE CLARK'S TIME -- The Musical
The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Greetings. I am Akash, and I bid you welcome
to the High Court of the Universe.

Please don't be alarmed.
Though we are of a different world
-- a different dimension --
we are yet One with you.
The Transport Beam has brought you exactly two million
three hundred thousand and sixty-five light years
from the Earth to the Andromeda Galaxy.

You have been summoned as the defence in the forthcoming trial
"The Time Lord versus The People Of The Planet Earth"

And you will, of course, be expected to show us why
the Earth should be allowed to continue it's existence.
I know you have many questions but fear not --
all will be answered in Time.

Lost Musicals: Time

My appologies to them for the theivery
and thanks for summing up the story in so
succinct a fashion.

(Sadly, this web-page has been lost
and the resource is gone from the web.
I wish them a speedy recovery.)

Time tells the story of the Rock Star named Chris Wilder
Cliff Richard, later by David Cassidy) who has been
transported, with backup singers Louise, Babs and
Carol, from his concert on Earth to the High Court
of the Universe. There they face three other-worldly
judges to defend the Earth in the case of the Time
Lord vs. the people of the planet Earth. From the
programme: "...Now that man is venturing to the
stars and has already walked on the Moon,
'Melchisedic', The Time Lord, has decided that the
time has come to examine the Earth's people to
determine whether they shall be an asset or a threat
to Universal peace." Wilder convinces the judges
that the Earth is worth sparing and he is
transported back to his concert at the same time
that he left. (Unbelievable, you say? It gets
better.) Laurence Olivier portrayed a holographic
floating head named Akash (his role was filmed) who
is a pseudo-narrator throughout the show.

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Unfortunately, the only album that was recorded was the concept album. No cast album was ever made. The concept album was only released on record and audio tape and went out of print before CD's were popular. Therefore, it was never transferred onto CD and has never been available in this format. MP3's had not yet been invented when the music went out of print so it is likewise not available.
The records and audio tapes have been out of print since the late 1980's and cannot be found or purchased except in private collections.
Occasionally people who have contacted this site have been able to find copies on eBay or similar auction sites. If you are interested in getting a copy of the record or audio tape for yourself you might try there.
Good luck!