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Copyright 1999

A play by

Jonathan M. Vick

Five marionettes are brought to life by the wizard, Gavin, as a gift for King Benjamin's first born child, Devon.

However, in order to give the marionettes life, he must take the life from a prisoner in the castle tower.

The prisoner turns out to be King Benjamin's daughter, locked in the tower at birth by the King's evil advisor.

King Benjamin's grief unleashes the demon, Dreamevil . . . and the marionettes are chased across the countryside in thier quest to understand the meaning of the life they have now been given.

A children's story about the meanings of life

And learning how to live it . . .

Cast Of Characters

  • PUPPETMASTER -- the narrator
  • PHINEAS -- The mime marionette
  • PIPER -- the knight marionette
  • MANNY -- the magician marionette
  • LIELA -- the valkyrie marionette
  • KELLA -- the maiden marionette
  • GUNTRE -- the villian marionette
  • KING BENJAMIN -- the king of Tongrie
  • PRINCE DEVON -- King Benjamin's son, the prince
  • JESSICA -- King Benjamin's daughter
  • GAVIN -- the sorcerer
  • DREAMEVIL -- the demon
  • JORDAN -- King Benjamin's advisor & sorceror
  • MIDWIFE NURSE -- the nurse
  • NANNY -- Prince Devon's nanny
  • IMPS -- Dreamevil's henchmen
  • PARROT -- Gavin's familiar: a puppet
  • FARMER -- a farmer
  • GUARDS -- guards
  • LEOPOLD -- a townsman
  • TOWNSWOMAN -- a townswoman
  • LOSER BOY CLYDE -- a youth
  • PEASANT -- a peasant

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