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Copyright 1994

A one-act play by

Jonathan M. Vick

Lucas and Martha are living their retired lives peacefully . . . until a meteorite crashes through their living room ceiling and kills Martha. The angel of Death, however, rather than take Martha into the Netherworld, falls in love with her and comes back later to ask her out on a date.

How does Lucas defend his wife against Death?

You know . . . the usual way . . .

No question about it . . .

Dead People Are Funny!

Original Cast Members
  • Chris McLeod as Lucas -- the old man
  • Tiffany Kluck as Martha -- his wife
  • Robert Aulgar as Louis -- their son?
  • Sharon Dailey as Titus -- the Death slave
  • Arnie Ellis as Death -- the grim reaper

Originally produced at the Eola Theatre, Orlando, FL
October, 1994


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