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Copyright 1997
A staged reading of a novella by

Jonathan M. Vick

"Peter Johnson was an ugly,
son-of-a-bitch . . .
In short, he was a bastard!"

So begins the tale of Peter Johnson -- BASTARD --
and Clive Redding -- The Most Successful Loser In The Universe.

Early one Saturday morning, as Clive Redding gives birth to his own dispair in his living room, Peter Johnson is, mistakenly, visited by The LORD, who, while looking for Clive Redding, misses the crossbeam and sticks his foot through a cloud.

Assuming Peter is Clive, The Lord gives him a book which he proclaims to be "the word of God", which he meant to give them a long time ago, but had forgotten about until this morning when his Mother told him to clean his room and he found it beneath his "Book Of Really Nasty Things To Do To Unsuspecting People". He calls it 'The Titanic' and points out that tied to the bookmark is the Key to Peace, Happiness and True Love.

Later that same afternoon, The Lord falls through another cloud and injures his back on Clive Redding's bicycle. Realizing his error in mistaking Peter for Clive, the Lord sends Clive out after 'The Titanic' which Peter Johnson, in a bastardly fashion, is using to usurp control of the Universe!!

And when Clive finally catches up to Peter . . .


For the fourth time this week . . .

An erratic tale that will make you lose your mind
and make you wonder why you ever needed it to begin with.

Original prose Reader's Theatre at
Performance Space Orlando, Orlando, FL.
July 23-24, 1999
Read by David A. Kozen & Jonathan M. Vick

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