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A long time ago, back in the 1950's, when much of the world was in black and white, a mad scientist named Nehemiah and his trusty hunchback henchman, Dryfuss, set out on a journey.

They quickly got lost, and did a lot of shouting at each other and some feelings were hurt before Dryfuss twisted his ankle and Nehemiah had to carry him on his back.

When that happened they got downright nasty because Nehemiah kept accusing Dryfuss of choking him but Dryfuss tried to explain that he was slipping off because his hump was heavy and Nehemiah had no butt and he also had to pee.

When Nehemiah finally put him down Dryfuss said he didn't have to pee anymore. It was then that Nehemiah discovered the stain on the back of his shirt and became so agitated that he burst a blood vessel in his eye and passed out.

Dryfuss took this opportunity to steal his wallet and run away, cackling into the night, which kinda creeped him out and a few minutes later he went crawling back to Nehemiah's side and waited in the dark, singing to himself, until Nehemiah woke up.

A few days later they were picked up by the police, cold, hungry and naked.

Seeing cold, hungry and naked police was so disturbing to Nehemiah that he swore to never take another journey!
The very next day he bought an abandoned, and possibly haunted, house
A house which quickly became known as:

Enter if you dare
Choose your fate!!
The Curse The Bride The Ghosts