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Copyright 1995

A Horrorble Play by

Jonathan M. Vick

Remember that day I spilled love potion on everyone and you finally got your mind reading potion to work and your Arch-Nemesis Darius showed up and nearly everyone died? That was a good day!

When the greatest minds in the world turn evil . . . Nehemiah and Dryfuss envy them. A fast-paced farcical comedy based on Hammer Horror films and the legend of the Mad Scientist.

Some scientists go mad . . .
others are dragged there.

Original Cast Members
  • Chris McLeod as Nehemiah -- the mad scientist
  • Kevin Sario as Dryfuss -- the hunchback henchman
  • Mikki Kill as Lucy -- the zombie maid
  • Anthony Gobbi as Kurtis -- the lab rat
  • Andrea Bess as Veronica -- the psychic tourist
  • Megan Irelan as Alicia -- the ditzy tourist
  • Robert Aulgar as Hobart -- a cat burgular
  • Sharon Dailey as Christine -- a cat burgular
  • Nick Buzzek as Darius -- the Arch-Nemesis
  • Jonathan Vick as Harvey -- the head in a jar

Originally produced at The Acting Studio, Orlando, FL.
July, 1995

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from Orlando's Tabula Rasa

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Mad Labs
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Mad Scientists

by Jonathan M. Vick
6 M, 4 W.
One set. Two acts.

Nehemiah is possibly the world's worst mad scientist. Dryfuss is his hunchback henchman. They live together in the seculded Castle Psychotech, performing failed experiments and arguing with one another over whose at fault over the latest failure. They are joined in this mad-house by Lucy, their stitched-together zombie maid, who has fallen hopelessly in love with the uninterested Dryfuss; Harvey, a failed experiment, who is now only a head in a bottle; and Kurtis, a handsome hero-type who is strapped into an electric chair. One fateful night two girls, the beautiful Alicia and the slightly psychic Veronica, break down outside the castle and seek refuge within. Dryfuss falls in love immediately, and races to get the Love Potion, which works on Alicia perfectly, except that she falls in love with Kurtis initially, and then in a horrible Love Potion accident, later falls in love with Veronica! Meanwhile, Veronica and Nehemiah discover that the castle may be haunted by ghosts, and they arrange a seance. That same night two bumbling cat-burglars, Hobart and Christine, break into the castle to loot. They are followed by a third burglar, Darius, who turns out to be Nehemiah's arch-nemesis! When the time is right, Darius takes the all hostage with the help of Christine, who we discover is actually his recovered hunch-back henchman, Russell! The day is saved by Kurtis, a CIA agent who has been following the mad-experiments of Nehemiah and Dryfuss for years!

A fast-paced farcical comedy based on Hammer Horror films and the legend of the Mad Scientist.

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